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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ok, I promised pictures, this is me after working out

So I promised I'd post more pics of myself since I enjoy that most on all of YOUR blogs....so here's one of me from last night after I ate that cup of ice cream:
Ok, that's really my daughter I caught on camera eating ice cream.

But this really is me - on the couch catching up on reading all your blogs.  Took pic with my new phone - I promise I'm not normally that shade of grey/blue!  I worked out today - ran better than I've been able to so far at 5.0 mph - which is a good stride for me, a person of 5'4".  Calories in: 1296.  Lots of water.  Thank you to everyone for the lovely words of encouragement - I really needed that today.  (((hugs))) to all of you!


  1. You are doing fantastic and you look fantastic too!!

    Your Daughter is adorable!

  2. Looking fab and your daughter is so cute!!!

  3. Wow you look great Skinny Face! Thanks for reminding me about the short person factor - I am 5'4" too and seems so slow when I run (because it is), but the short legs are a factor!

    Great job on the exercise. And adorable DD!

  4. Wow, your daughter is sooooo cute and you look lovely too! Thank you for your comment on my blog, I really appreciated it and hurray too for being my fiftieth follower. It still amazes me that people would want to read what I have to share about this sometimes crazy journey. I look forward to reading your blog too!

  5. Your daughter is adorable!! What a great picture. You are beautiful, so nice to put a face with the blog. Congrats on the 5.0, I'm still at 4.5 for now. Speed comes after my ability to consistently run without stopping!

  6. Good for you on 5.0-- that's a 12 minute mile!! Go girl (I hope I'm not getting that wrong, but that is my gut reaction to 5.0.)
    Anyway: you are so pretty, and it is great to see your face. Thanks for all the support on my blog, I love your comments... xo


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