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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Half pound from my goal today!

I took Jennr's advice, and drank, drank, drank water yesterday.  I ate well, had a dozen steamed shrimp and half a boild potato at dinner.  For lunch I had some salmon and sauteed spinach.  Did well eating - and woke up today to the scale telling me 204.  So, I'm a half pound off, which sucks.  I only tried to lose 2 lbs this week and did all I was supposed to - exercise and eating were on point!  So while I am a little disappointed, I have to be happy weighing less than I did a week ago.  And even less than I was 2 weeks ago.  I am actually the lowest point since being banded so if I can move forward - and get below 200 - that's what I'm going to focus on.  Once I get there, I'll re-evaluate and figure out how to get to the next point.
I did go to Walmart and purchase the one cup containers by Ziploc to portion control my lunches this week.  I'd been using 2 cup containers and maybe that will help some as well.  I've got salmon and turkey slices ready to go.  I've also made up some breakfast snack bags - filled with multi grain cherios, walnuts and fruit bits that I can eat in the car on the way to work or just save for an afternoon snack if I don't want to eat breakfast.  I also know I need to up the potassium in my diet so I've got bananas for breakfast or snack as well.  So, I'm just trying to say, I'm prepared this week!
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Sunday - what's left of it! 


  1. Sounds like you have a good game plan. I love those one cup containers for lunch - it's so simple that way. You did a great job this week.
    I use to make a snack mix that with cheerios and nuts, but I would also put in really finely chopped dark chocolate and eat it at night. It was great for a sweet craving.

  2. OMG - Linda thanks! that's an AWESOME idea - great for extra antioxidants too!


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