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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lost another half pound! I might make my week's goal!

Ok, so I'm probably a little dehydrated from not drinking enough water, but the scale DID say 204.5 this morning!!!  That's a whole pound down in 3 days!  Caloriecount.com and nikeplus.com are helping me to stay accountable to myself.  I worked out again today and was able to turn up the running pace to 4.5 and I ran for a total of 20 mins.  I'm doing intervals of 5 mins running with 2-5 min walking.  I keep that up for 45 mins and am able to cover about 3.2mi total.  I did really great yesterday, food-wise, then I decided to put that natural honey I got from a local farmer on top, and couldn't belive that about 4T had 280 calories!!!  UGH!  I went from about 1100 cals total yesterday to 1380 just like that!  Those are the extra calories I just would not have even thought about nor considered at all when I just eat without tracking calories!
I've also decided/realized that I don't ever post pictures of myself.  And that is truly what I enjoy the most on all of your blogs out there that I read.  And you guys also elevate that to VLOGS - I love it!  So,  I'm going to start posting more pics of myself.  I'll test out the phone on my camera - we'll see how that goes!
As long as I stay on track, I'm hoping to lose another full pound to bring me to 203.5 by Sunday.  At first, I thought I'd make it by SAT, but since that's only 3 days away, I'm probably pushing it to expect another full pound loss in the next 3 days.
I'm thinking a lot about what I'm going to wear to my full family event - that's taking place next Saturday for Easter.  I don't see all of my extended family except for marriages, births, deaths, etc.  That works out to once every 2 years or so.  I am the heaviest of everyone in my family.  Seriously, out of all my 4 Aunts, 6 Uncles, 3 siblings, 15 cousins -  none are overweight except for me.  (At least that is true on my Mom's side of the family).  My Dad, who died some years ago, was also always fit and never overweight - even as a middle aged person!  My mom is 5'6" and weighs probably 120lbs at 61.  Anyway - I want to look good at this even where tons of pictures will document everyone's families, how much kids are growing, who is aging well and who isn't! LOL.  Of course, I wish I weighed less than I do right now.  I wish I lost weight at the pace of everyone else out there in blogland  - but I've learned that since I waited so long for my first fill and because I didn't exercise like everyone else - that's why I'm where I am.  I'm glad I know now how to do it - it just still surprises me how hard it still is.  Its hard to not enjoy all the food I love.  Yes, hunger has subsided, but its hard to watch carefully what I eat when you're craving something like chocolate. :)   And to make yourself work out 5x per week.  Even though we have the band, we still have to do those things.  I realize that I live with less restriction than some people choose to.  I also respect that it is a very personal choice also.  And everyone's journey is personal to them.  I just really need to get this going and break into the next level!  199 is only 5 lbs away right now.  So close and yet seems so intangible!  What does it feel like to weigh 190?  To weigh 180?  I just cannot imagine how great that feels and I'm going to take Amy's advice and live in the MOMENT.  So all y'all skinny butts out there below 200 - please live in YOUR moment and realize what an accomplished place you're in!  I'll be joining you soon!


  1. Thumbs up for the big 199 - AND I can see you making that no worries. Anyone who puts as much effort in as you deserves it sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed hon!

  2. Chocolate is my total weakness and I crave it all the time. I have been able to control it lately with vitatops and diana's banana babies. They are both about 100 calories.


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