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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scale is going up - 205.5 today

I just don't get it.  I'm keeping my cals below 1200 daily, eating clean, and exercising 5x per week for 45 mins.  I don't understand why the scale is up again a half pound today.  I went for drinks after work today with the girls, had 2 vodka cranberries and a dozen steamed shrimp for dinner.  I really wanted the nachos but got the high protien, lower calories steamed shrimp instead.
Unfortunately, I ended up over my calorie limit today: coffee for bfast, PF Chang's shrimp dumpling appetizer for lunch, and of course the steamed shrimp for dinner along with drinks.  Got home and I gave in and ate cherios, butterscotch chips, and walnuts b/c I had a major sweet tooth.   I'm disappointed in myself for giving in.  I also didn't work out today.  I'll make up for it tomrrow and Saturday - so I'll still make my 5x per week.  Just gave in today.......ugh! 
Tomorrow I'm off, except for one conference call at 3pm.  I plan to spend time outside, clean the house, maybe hubby and I might even go out for breakfast and enjoy a little time alone.  We need it!
This scale has just GOT to move, I'm doing the right stuff.  I realized tonight, however, that I'm very hungry between meals.  My stomach growls.  So I could use a fill.  I'm going to get over my embarassment for not having  lost more weight and schedule one.  Fills cost me 150.00 each, so I only want to schedule these when I really need them.  I thought I was in a good place, but now that my period is over, I'm realizing I probably could use a fill to get me to the next level.
I hope all of you have an amazing Easter weekend.  I look forward to posting a lower weight soon!


  1. Tomorrow...have a pig out day. Well...of course within reason...but that advice has worked for me every time!

  2. What is up with us? I was up this morning to.
    Enjoy your holiday weekend - we'll get there.
    I have a fill scheduled for next Thursday - I don't need much just a little drop to give me a kick start.

  3. Ahh hon,
    There might be a few factors to the scale going up again. Muscle - with all that exercising, maybe your muscles are streamlining and you HAVE to be toning up! Maybe it's hormonal - we carry water so darn easily, or maybe its just you showed from going over your cals (if its any consolation? I'm right where you are. I am up a half kilo which was tenuous to begin with .. I ate like a grot yesterday. Sooo bad.)

    Knowing you though and how committed you are - you will jump right back on that wagon and that small gain will be gone. xx Have a happy easter.

  4. Gilly - I pigged out - but only 'cause you said so!! LOL - I don't need much prodding for that! And Linda - this is really crazy for me. This kind of stall has never really happened to me before.
    Cara - I am toning up - for sure. So I know some of it is muscle building but sheesh - I should be losing SOMETHING for working this hard, you know? I KNOW that if I REALLY and HONESTLY do the right things the weight HAS to fall off. That's what is frustrating me. I'm NOT cheating. I'm exercising when I don't WANT to do it. I just don't understand why this has to be such a struggle!

  5. Sometimes when I am frustrated with the scale I try on clothes that were too tight and see that they fit better, which proves the toning/building muscle mass thing that I know inside my head!


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