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2012 Year Goals

2012 Goals:

*I'm doing this setting of goals again because its great to look back now and feel positive about this difficult journey.  It's easy to forget and not appreciate how far you've come and be sure to move forward with the right perspective - a positive one!

1.  Lose the 15lbs I've gained over the last 9 months.

2.  Create the time in my schedule that I need to run again.  Plan for it and make it happen.  Figure it out somehow.  Give something up in exchange for the time I need to run.  Find a way to do it without feeling guilty about leaving my kids and not spending quality time with them.

3.  Run the 2012 Rock and Roll half.  I won't tell myself I have to run this entire one - but the goal is to finish because I only have 7 weeks to prepare for it.

4.  Run another half marathon and run the whole thing without stopping.  There is a half marathon in October I should be ready for by then!

5.  Save Save Save so that I can spend a 1-2 years at home.  Create a new savings schedule and really stick to it.  I've done it before successfully, I just need to do it again and stop pacifying my stress level at work by purchasing things that make me feel better just because 'I'm working so hard.'

6.  Set up a reward program for myself.  If I get back to 186, I'm going to reward myself with a yoga membership!

7.  Track my meals REGARDLESS of the fact that I've overeaten.  Just because I don't want to face it, I tend to not record it b/c I've blown it.  I will face it and accept it.

8.  Take the 30 day eating clean challenge.

9.  Create a journal to record how I feel through the running process on Nike Plus.

10.  Enroll in a pottery, glass making, or other art influenced class.  I enjoy making and creating things - I need to get that back in my life so that I'm fulfilled and enjoying life.

2011 Goals:
1.  Become consistent with exercise by sticking with it for at least 6 months.
Done - was able to run the Sept 2011 Rock and Roll half without stopping.  3hrs3mins was my time.

2.  Work out 3-4x per week, including running program that allows me to prepare for 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathons.  Complete one 5k (done!!), 10k (done!! wicked 10K) and half marathon in 2011 (done!! rock and roll half marathon!)
Signed up for Wicked 10K 10/29/11 (Va Beach)  Completed in the rain!  It was awesome!
Half Marathon - Rock and Roll Half - First 8 miles were great, last 5 were hard!
Shamrock 8K? 3/19/11? (Va Beach) - didn't do
Nike Women's half marathon? (San Diego - 10/2011?) - did rock and roll half instead

3.  Track my calories and workouts daily.
Did this most of the year.  Slacked off after I got my new job.

4.  Blog 2-3x per week to update and hold myself accountable - as well as not lose touch with the great support that is out there.  Become closer to the great ladies out there.

Failed at this.  Thank God there are such wonderful, kind, forgiving, understanding women out there in blog land.

5.  Buy (and look good in) the same running shorts that Nicole is wearing in her Blog title page.  BOUGHT them!  Wore them in the Rock and Roll Half!

6.  Improve my blog to shift from about me to a more balanced informational blog that others can easily enjoy and get some good information from that will help them with their weight loss/life balance goals.

7.  De-clutter my home - give/sell/toss the things I don't really need.  I struggle with being wasteful - I don't want to just throw things away, I want them to go to someone who can use them.   I need to let go of that concept and just GIVE it away.
Got a great start on this.  Did lots of cleaning and clearing, and purged a lot of stuff.  Still more to do - but its mostly done.

8.  Buy fewer things.  I tend to buy too much food, too many clothes, too many cleaning products.  Just too much stuff in general.  I want to CONSUME less of everything.  Buy what I need and that's it.
Work in progress, but have done a good job with this.  I know buy quality only clothes that I LOVE.  I buy purses that I LOVE and that somehow really does add to my quality of life.

9.  Go on regular dates with my husband.  I need to schedule a babysitter regularly so we can do that.
Totally failed at this.  Still working to work this out.
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