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Goal NSVs

These are goal NSVs that I hope to accomplish this year 2011:

1.  I have a white dress that I wore to my engagement dinner (yep - that was a long time ago) that I'd like to fit into again.  I'd like to go out to dinner with my husband wearing it and look good!

2.  I'd like to wear a size 12 jeans.

3.  I'd like to wear a bathing suit to the beach and actually take off my shorts for once and not feel like I need to cover up.

4.  I want to go to a concert or out to a club and dress up and feel like I look pretty hot.  I want to get just ONE look - just to know what that feels like again.

April 2011 - DONE!  I got noticed and it was AWESOME!  The guy stepped back, shook his head and said "God, you're SO hot!"  And he meant it, it wasn't some shallow pick up.  That was such a cool experience! :)

5.  I want to be able to see my collar bones.

6.  I want to be in the same 'league' as my husband and stop the looks of 'why the heck is HE with HER ?!"

Done! June 2011:  I really feel like I'm there.  I feel overweight but NOT embarasingly obese.  I feel in the same league and that feels pretty good.  I don't feel like people look at us when we go out anymore as an 'odd' couple.

7.  I want to run in 5 running events in 1 year and be a real athlete - not the fake one I think I am.
Event #2:  Signed up for Wicked 10K-10/29/11!  Now I just have to run it....
July 2011:  Revising my goal to win my age bracket!  Can I do it??

Event #1: Signed up for Running Club in June 2011 - Registered and training for the Rock and Roll Half marathon 9/2/11.  Goal is to finish in 2.5 hours!

8.  I want to wear shorts comfortably without a muffin top and have well toned, athletic legs.
July 2011:  DONE!!  I'm wearing size 14 shorts and my muffin top has shrunk to good enough!  I'm not wearing clothes to hide my stomach - I'm wearing tight shirt to show off my waist.  Its nothing near awesome but I DON"T have a muffin top.  Can't wait to look like this in size 12's!!!!!

9.  I want my ex-boyfriend to see me and look like a woman who is in control and looks awesome!

10.  I want to look hot at my husband's annual awards dinner.  I have avoided and/or hated how I looked in previous years.

11.  Be able to take my wedding rings off and exchange my rings on my hands whenever I want to wear something different.

Done 12/11/09!  Take wedding rings and other rings off whenever I want and be able to wear rings I have now that are too small.

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