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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Concert was AWESOME & I stayed on track!


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Woke up this morning, hopped on the scale and I'd lost a pound!  So the exercise and eating right thing is working - go figure!
We got home last night at about 3am, I fell into bed and had to get up at 7am to get the kids off.  That done, I came back home and fell asleep for a couple of hours.  I woke up around 11am b/c husband called 3x - ugh!  And when I answered he said he didn't think I'd be sleeping. HELLO??!!  Anyway, it felt good to sleep a little bit more of the fatigue headache off. :)
The concert was fabulous!  And our seats were awesome!  I also was very proud of staying on track yesterday - not only making myself work out on the treadmill for 40mins before we left (and I was able to run jog for 15 mins of it).  We had a blast at dinner and I ordered the sirloin topped salad and ate very little of it.  I also didn't snack during the drive which was good.   We actually stopped at the restaurant where my ex-boyfried (of 5 yrs before hubby) manages.  He wasn't there that day - which is fine by me.  But when we were there I thought a lot about what he would think if he saw me.  He's one of the people I'd like to notice once I do lose the weight - how good I look!  Not for any other reason but I think he things I let things go after him.  And he was very 'looks' conscious - he groomed himself more than I did!  Anyway, he's a good guy - just a little hung up back then and is still a little bit too hung up on materialistic things and 'looks.'  So, I'd love to show him I've not let myself go and make him sorry for cheating on me way back then which broke up our relationship.  That's all!  Needless to say, I was happy he wasn't there - we went b/c my family was very close to him back then and they are still in touch with the rest of his family - so my sister really wanted to see him b/c she hadn't seen him in so long.  His sister does my family's hair on a regular basis.   
I will get there - I just need to stick to the rules of regular exercise and eating the right things.  I just realized that for lunch I had some Great Grains cereal - only about a cup - but gosh it was 248 cals!  I'm hungry now so since I'm already at 650 cals for the day I was looking for something lower in calories.   I grabbed a new favorite - I keep canned peaches (made with splenda) in the fridge!  They're very cold when they come out and they're only about 100 calories for the entire can.  A sweet treat that's not a lot of calories.  I don't plan on working out today - I'm going to give myself a rest day this week and resume tomorrow.  My muscles are very sore still from dancing for 3 hours last night! LOL.  I also still have a headache from the lack of sleep.  I wish I were more like other people (like my husband) who can go without much sleep and be fine.  Not me - a lack of sleep really affects me! 
Well have a great day - I'm back to work tomrrow and it will be crazy since I have to catch up on 2 days off from work.  But I'll be bringing my work out gear!!!! :)


  1. Yup - up girls have got to have our sleep. Sounds like the concert was fun! Lucky girl, you. Hope you have a catchup on the sleep side.

  2. Ooh! I'm so glad to hear the concert was good cause we are going to see him on March 31st here in Seattle! :) We've had our tix since November so I'm so glad it's finally here!

  3. Thanks Cara!! I was able to catch up on sleep - thank goodness. I am one of those people who really need their sleep. I wish I weren't that way!
    And Alexis - you're giong to love it! Michael Fronti and Spearhead opening for him were really great too. That concert is right around the corner for you! Have fun!


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