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Monday, March 22, 2010

Why is it so hard to eat a salad?

I've come home from work - to work from home - and made myself a wonderful salad: lettuce, tomato, cukes, red onion, kalamata olives, feta cheese, artichoke hearts and some wonderful greek dressing.  2 bites and I'm having a hard time eating it.  Why is it hard to eat the healthy stuff and yet so easy to eat 3 chocolate chip cookies?  The salad isn't that fibrous - so it shouldn't be a big problem.  But, I swear, when you're really hungry - and trying to eat the right stuff to boot -  it can be so difficult to avoid eating all the stuff your band won't blink an eye at and take right in!  The cheetos, chocolate chip cookies, cheese, ice cream, all the bad stuff doesn't phase my band one bit!  But the healthy stuff, ugh, its slow going.  Well, I'm not going to give in, but its frustrating to be hungry but unable to eat fast enough.
Ok, enough about that.  Target has some really cute cardigans - if anyone wants some "Spring" in their wardrobe - check these out on sale this week.  I bought a kelly green one and a white one yesterday.  They're normally 24.99 and great quality.   I'm really trying to break out of my black, cream, charcoal, eggplant rotation in my wardrobe.  So drab!  I need to buy some bright stuff!  And, no, that's not me in the picture!
I'm going to stay on track this week eating-wise.  And I'm also going to stay on track with running/walking.  I'm loving the Nike plus sensor - it talks to you throughout the workout - and I need that kind of motivation to let me know how much longer I have until I can stop! Now if I can only find the "Hugh Jackman" voice and have him telling me how much longer I have to go, I'll REALLY be motivated!  *sigh*  Ok, back to reality.....I also like uploading the data and tracking it online.  This new sensor allows more data to upload so I have much more detail than I did with just the built in pedometer and uploads in my nano.  (Yikes, that sounded a little dirty)  Sooooo - if I do all I have planned eating-wise and exercise-wise, it should mean a 2 lbs loss this week.  That would put me at 203.5 by this Saturday.  I'm really wanting that to happen.  So, its going to be what keeps me going and on track this week.  I hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment.  This week makes the 3rd week of consistently working out - so I'm going to reward myself with a massage.  I'm also fighting off a cold - so I hope that doesn't impede all my great plans this week!

I'm still sitting here picking at this salad!  Its probably going to take me 45 mins to eat it.  Its 2 cups of salad and I realize we should only be eating 1 cup at a meal - do you think I'm doing this wrong?  Should I cut my portions down to one cup?   I eat about one and a half cups if its protien and cooked vegetables.  As long as I'm 900-1200 calories, it shouldn't matter, right?
Well, have a great day everyone!!


  1. I can still swallow all that stuff just fine...and you've inspired me to make a yummy greek salad tonight for dinner! :)

    good luck with your goal!

  2. I got a white cardigan yesterday! They are so cute.

  3. I know!! What is up with it letting the cookies and chocolate through when the chicken and salads get stuck? Dang it!
    I hear ya.
    Those cardigans are cute!
    Take Care! :)

  4. My nut said to avoid general salads. Her explanation was that thin things like lettuce and tomato skins can actually cover the openning where the band is. It makes you get that awful stuck feeling. She also doesn't like them because of the nutrients in them. Normally they have a high carb to protein ratio and that doesn't keep you as full. The fiber is great, but normal salads aren't really that high. Also the lettuce is more of a filler (if you can get it down) without much of anything in it.

    Because of her advice I rarely have salads. When I do they are mostly chicken or tuna/shrimp with some spinach and veggies (cut into tiny peices). I also do some non lettuce salads as a side to my protien. Things like creamed cucumbers, or tomato/mozzarella salads. It seems to work better for me, but I actually miss salads now :)

  5. I hear you RC. It is so hard to eat right when you are HUNGRY. Do you need a fill? I am no expert myself, but my doc says that when you are at your optimal fill point, the weight really does come off well-- and if you're able to put away more than 1 cup of food at a time, I suspect you're not at optimal restriction.
    Me either. I hear you.
    I'm working on the right veggies and fruits that work with the band-- it is a learning curve.

    This was a really good post, thanks for sharing.

  6. Yeah this is a tough one. I actually have no trouble eating salad (I would be aggrieved if I couldn't get my feta and especially lettuce down.) I do hear though the lettuce can be a tough one unless we chew enough. I think the rule with cup size is a bit more lax with salad though. I seem to remember my doc saying that you can have more - how much though I'm not sure of. Stick with it - I think salad is important to eat - if it takes a while to eat then all the better. You will fill up!

    Love the cardie. With winter coming here soon I'm on the hunt for some new jumpers etc. I doubt that our Target here on the other side of the world will have these ones but you've inspired me to get out and get a couple. I love bright colour and the green is beautiful.


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