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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I worked out this week!

I'm still on the bandwagon - the exercise one!  That alone is great news for me.  I did what I said I'd do and that's find time to work out this week.  It wasn't easy - but gosh - it felt great to have done it.  To have accomplished it, I mean.  My back and shoulders hurt most - because I'm so tense when I work out it causes my shoulders to cinch up and I get tension headaches from it.  I need to remember to relax my shoulders when I'm walking and jogging. 
I need to work out today to finish the week strong and also work out tomorrow (Sun) to start the week off right!  I did lose 2lbs - those 2 wierd lbs that hovered up are now back down.
I am excited to go with my sister and friends to Charlottesville this Tuesday evening to see the currently controversial John Mayer.  Its going to be great!  I honestly thought that I would be in the 190's and my goal was to be in the 180's by this concert.  But I didn't work out so I sat on this plateau until I did what I know I need to.  Work out!


  1. Have fun with John! I need to get on your exercise bandwagon.

  2. WTG!!! I nee to develop a routine of some sort.
    Have a blast at the concert, sounds like fun!

  3. *need I hate the keyboard on my mini-laptop UGGGHhh


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