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Sunday, July 31, 2011

8 mile run! Woot! New record!!

With the assistance of a treadmill and climate controlled AC, I completed my Saturday 8 mile run!  Can you believe it?  I ran 8 miles without stopping??!!??  That also means I burned about 800 calories! Yippee!!
5 more weeks until my half marathon - still not sure if I'm going to be able to make it to run 13 miles without stopping - if I add a mile a week between now and then, I'll be able to do it.  But I can definitely feel the achy-ness in my feet and legs now.  I hope things don't start to fall apart for me physically now - I'm a little worried about that.  My pace is still 11min miles - so 8 miles takes me about an hour and a half to complete.
I'd previously signed up for a 10K (6.2 miles)  in October - that's going to feel easy compared to this 13.1 miler!  Heck, I'm running 10K's a few times a week now! (big smile!)

I've not posted in a week because I've been so busy at work.  I can't believe how much of your life our jobs suck away!  I had my boss and some vendors in town as we move toward purchasing some new software to take our business to create a self help website and also provide live chat.  I also went to a sublime and 311 concert on Wednesday that was SO FUN!  This week I'm going to go see Maroon 5 and Train - we have 5th row seats and I'm so excited b/c its going to be an awesome time!

I'm tracking my food on myplate.com consistently and am doing better managing my stress eating at work.  I really wanted to lose 10 pounds this month - and joined the boobs challenge to try to incent myself to do it.  Scale says 185 today, so I only lost 5 lbs.  Dang it.  I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to break into the 170's and get to 179 by August 31st.   I just can't imagine what that would feel like.  What would I look like if I weighed 170?  That's 15 lbs from where I am now.  I bet it would make such a HUGE difference.  The 10 lbs from 195 to 185 were a major difference in my size!  Weighing more than that I didn't notice so much.

I'm way, way behind in my graduate classes and have to turn up the heat between now and August 31.  I have to complete 2 full classes in this time frame due to my procrastination. I'll figure it out and find a way to make it happen.  I also have to decide if I want to continue.  I'm just not that into it and the new company does not pay for school like my previous employer.  I have a decision to make this Fall.  Oh gosh, did I just say Fall?  Curses!  There will be no talk of that while I'm still living in my Summer Dreamland!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm shocked, I actually like what I see

I inadvertently looked in the bathroom mirror tonight after trying to clean the sink of dried toothpaste and other messes my kids left behind.  I caught a glimpse of myself and saw that my face it just a little thinner.  I looked at my chest and neck and jawline.  I saw my shoulders and upper body in such a way that I've not seen in a very, very long time.  I saw the potential me emerging out from behind the old me!  I can't tell you guys what has changed exactly, but I can see that if I can continue down this path of fat loss and muscle gain, I can really do something with my body and feel happy about what I see.  To like what I look like an perhaps not cringe each time I see the reflection of myself in the mirror or in pictures.  Have I turned a corner?  Am I jinxing myself?

I remember one time catching my reflection in the rear view mirror as I sat in the passenger seat of the Tahoe while my family and were driving somewhere....I remember the shock of seeing my face, so big and swollen and ugly.  I didn't recognize myself and was surprised thinking "Is that what I look like?  Is that what other people see?"  I was so embarrassed and ashamed of what I looked like.  Today was a day like that only - I saw myself and thought "I really AM losing weight"  "I don't look horrible"  "Maybe I can really do this"  What a wonderful feeling.  I had to stop what I was doing and come and type this.  I'm feeling exciting that if I can keep this going, I can really become the person I've always wanted to be physically.  I've gotta get things going, have to get the losses moving along.  I really, really want to accomplish this.  I want to feel proud of the way my body looks physically strong.    And that's WAY cool......

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Set my alarm for 4:30am b/c the training schedule called for 5 miles today.  I'm exhausted mentally from the overwhelming load of new information and critical nature at my new job (8 days in) which I know is making me more physically tired.  I also have a looming Aug deadline for grad school work that I've fallen way behind in.  I'm saying all this to paint the picture as to why I didn't want to get up at 4:30a.m.  I am TIRED.  So I hit snooze a couple of times and lived in that half awake, have asleep state until I finally got my butt up around 5:20am.  I got dressed, went outside, and its so humid all my windows in my house are fogged up.  Seriously.  I realized I was never going to make it to the beach, spend the 60 mins I needed to run the 5 miles today and get back by 6:15am when my husband leaves for work.  UGH - the dilemma!

I ended up going back in the house and running on my treadmill.  I was feeling so un energetic that I only set my ipod for 30 mins b/c I really didn't think I could make it past that.  The first 20 mins just are hard, body feels heavy, my boobs are sore (pms?), blech.  After 20 mins, I'm feeling better, knees feel better, I feel smoothed out.  Running isn't hurting and my heart/lungs feel good.  So I keep going and get to my 5 miles in  60 mins.  NICE!  I was on my treadmill, in the AC, and I still SWEAT like crazy.  It actually made me feel accomplished.  I've noticed the more I run, the earlier in the run I'm sweating.  And I'm sweating more.   Wonder why that is?

Anyway - here I am - with my proud sweat.  No make up, making a silly face  (I'm just not that good at making serious faces), and my vitamin zero water, lemonade flavor.  Sweetened with stevia so there is no sugar/splenda either.  I'm hooked on this stuff.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I wore Wednesday!

Ok, so I've learned that I need to get better light and take the picture in the morning before I leave instead of when I get home.  That being said, this is what I wore today!

Ok, I got my butt up this morning EARLY - and ran for 45 mins at my favorite place - the beautiful oceanfront  - 4 miles - as part of my running program.  I probably burned 500 calories.
I wore my running shoes...see?  I like Brooks tennis shoes b/c my feet are wide!

Now for work.....since I've lost some weight, I can wear:
 a size L - crinkle cotton top from Talbots - 29.00 on sale
Butter soft beautiful silk blend pants, Talbots - 36.00 marked down from 129.00

Yucky pic - haha!  I look so silly!

Cute heels that are comfortable b/c I weigh less - don't remember where I bought them or how much.

I'd love to see what y'all are wearing these days as you slim down, get more fit, and look gorgeous doing it!!

Tomorrow I have to get up at 4:30am - so I can run while its cooler (not cool, just cooler than 190 degrees).  I'm scheduled for 5 miles tomorrow a.m.  No problem!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I wore Wednesday! Idea for blog post

I'm thinking about posting 'what I wore' on Wednesday every week.  As I'm losing the weight, I'm enjoying wearing new things and liking how I look in them.  I always love the pics your posts so I thought I'd start tomorrow and post "what I wore" that day.

 This is my little busy bee underwater!
 This is me and my little busy bee on our pool day!
This is me and Mr Coconuts - doing shots - ugh.

I went to go run this afternoon - at the track- and they flipping cancelled it after I nearly broke my neck to get there.  Would have been nice for them to let me know!  Not sure where the communication breakdown was but I had to drive a long way to get there and now I'm not getting my work out in.  I'm losing my grip on my workout schedule and need to get a grip quick!  I also am eating MUCH MORE now that I am back at work.  I KNOW its stress eating.  I have loaded up the freezer at work with green giant steamers and greek yogurt.  I just can't seem to STOP eating.  So crazy that I'm aware of it and my behavior has changed since returning to work.  Its a work in progress and I'm going to figure this out and fix it.  Not exactly sure how yet...but I'm going to!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

First week at new job, ehhh...

Its been an interesting week.  I started my new job and spent most of the week with my VP.  It was only Friday that I was by myself and could take a breath.  Its going to be an interesting ride, that's for sure.  Lots to fix but that's also a lot of opportunity.  An interesting aspect of working for this company is that since it is French owned, the culture difference among company policies are going to be an issue. Specifically when it comes to pay practices, promotions, and pay equity.  Without boring you with details, it jacked up and needs to be leveled out among the workforce.  Anyway, I'm boring myself talking about it!  haha!

Right now, I'm sitting in the passenger seat of our Tahoe traveling home from Albemarle, NC.  (I just love using my cell phone as a MIFI hotspot that I can connect wirelessly to the Internet using my laptop - while we're driving - SO COOL!)   The kids spent the weekend with my in laws giving Mr. Coconut and I time alone.  We're pulling a new boat we just bought behind us home!  We've had the same boat since before we got married and have loved it, it was just time to get something new and easier to maintain.  We purchased one of those all white boats with the center console - that all you have to do is wash down and hose it off!  No fancy paint to fade in the sun, no fancy upholstery to have to replace, no carpet to replace.  Our old boat had all of that and while it was nice, we really wanted something that was just easy and a little bit bigger.  We bought it off a man who lives on the Currituck sound - the same one that connects the outer banks to the 'mainland'.  Its going to be fun and we're really going to enjoy this boat.  :)

I spent yesterday morning running SEVEN, yep, SEVEN!!! miles without stopping!  Woooooooooooot!  I'm adding about a mile a week and I feel really good.  I am constantly amazed that my legs can carry me that far and I'm not totally worn out.  I love the fact that my body is responding and is so strong and capable.   I got on the scale this morning and I weigh 187.  So I'm up a pound from last week, but I'm really liking that my thighs look more an more toned.  I went 4 days without running last week due to the new job - but I got myself out there Thursday night at 8:30 pm and ran for an hour and 10 mins because I KNEW I had to GET IT DONE!    Christine gave me some sage advice and said to get my exercise routine IN PLACE NOW and not wait.  She's so right!  I can already tell my eating habits are suffering.  I'm very busy this first week and I find myself eating when I have time vs. when I'm hungry.  I may have 4 hours of back to back meetings and I know if I don't eat at noon, I won't be eating for 4 hours.  That's what I'm working on.  I really learned my body's natural rhythm for eating and I like to eat at 11am and 3pm.   I've been eating at noon and then I'm starving at 3pm and want to eat all kinds of bad stuff!

I have found a gym that is not to far that I plan to go to during my lunch hour.  I am determined to take a lunch break!  I'm going to make it a priority!  I want to lose 10 lbs this month and its already the 17th!  I've only lost 3.  I'm going to start weight work next week when I join the new gym close to my work, maybe that will help me....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Scale has said 186 for 2 days in a row now.. .

shhhh. I don't want to say it too loudly and scare it away.....today I woke up to a 2nd day at 186.0.  From here down its officially all new records for me weight-wise.  I haven't been in the 180's for almost 10 years.  Wow.  Is this really happening?   Just last Sunday- a week ago -  I was so frustrated b/c the stupid scale said 191 and now its 186?  Has to be crazy water weight combined with hopefully some actual fat loss!

I didn't run yesterday and today was supposed to be a rest day.  I've not run or exercised since Saturday's AWESOME 70 mins without stopping run!  And GEN if you're reading this, thanks for popping out of your sabbatical to shoot me some messages of encouragement.  I really appreciate it.  I hope you get the chance to come back soon because you're greatly missed!

Today was my first day on the job, thanks for the well wishes Christine!  It was really uneventful and LOOOONG.  I like my boss, like the people I'll be working with, like my new office, like my paycheck!  I don't like feeling like my day is gone and all night is spend preparing for the next work day.  I'm struggling fitting working out into my workday and today at work I was starving b/c I didn't preplan and bring anything healthy to eat or drink.  I had a salad at lunch and it just didn't tide me over and I was starving at 6pm on my drive home.  This is how I didn't lose any weight before.  I've lost 17lbs in 3 months - much of my progress was when I was out of work and had my whole day to eat and work out when my body wanted it/needed it.  Its so easy to see how you can stop listening to your body b/c you're busy at work and stuck on conference calls or stuck in a 'schedule' versus listening to your body.

I know when I was off, I didn't eat breakfast until about 11 am, lunch around 3pm and a late dinner made me feel best.  If I was going on an early run, I'd also eat toast/almond butter beforehand to help me with a long run.  I'm going to try to stick to this schedule and listen to my body.  My body definitely settled into its own rhythm since I was off and I don't want to lose that.  I don't want my work brain to take over my awareness/present moment brain which I tend to very easily to.  I make my body fit into my work schedule and not my work schedule around what I'm feeling.  I have the luxury to be able to do that and I'm going to take advantage of it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Clothes ARE changing - I can feel it!!

You all know how frustrated I've been because I'm doing all the right things by exercising consistently and eating right.  No changes on the scale, in fact it went up a few times, and no changes in my clothes.  I'm ok if the scale doesn't move as long as my clothes do!  I would love to think that all this running is making me replace fat with muscle, but the scale nor clothes haven't changed in 4 weeks.  And that's a long time!

Well, I put on my size 14 shorts last and they felt just a little lose.  So I put on my tighter 14's - and they fit me better than normal.  I tried on a few other tighter clothes and they don't feel as tight.  That's how I KNOW my size is changing and that makes me very happy!  Its very subtle, but its something!!I just had to report this to you guys!

You know, its not until I wrote this that I realized this what seems like an 'overnight' change in my clothes coincides with an emotional settling I've experienced in the last day.  I recently had a situation that I was able to come to peace with just recently in my own heart and mind - is it possible that our mental stress/situations can influence or physical weight loss?  I don't think so, but its a strange coincidence....

Also check out my last run over there to the left!  I ran yesterday morning on a really beautiful trail through a park at the beach.  I ran for 70 minutes without stopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That covered about 6.2 miles!  I'm half way through my training program for the Rock and Roll half marathon here in Virginia Beach in September and I'm so proud of my progress!  I've not given up and no injuries.  Usually, at this point, I give up or fail at eating well.  I've not done either and its so rewarding!!

I also have to tell you one strange NSV.  I know you all will understand.  I looked down to my left and caught a glimpse of my shoulder.  It looked so different because it looked like an actual shoulder meaning there was a front and a back to my shoulder - and not a big 'ol rounded bunch of flab that resembles a shoulder.  I know that sounds odd, but I couldn't stop looking at it.  I don't have pronounced shoulders or collar bones and I'm really thick through my boobs, upper back and shoulders.  This gave me such a glimmer of hope!

Oh!  One last thing to update you on "the guy." that you all gave such great advice on.  Well, my best friend, she didn't text him at first but then she decided that she really wanted to say her peace at the expense of losing her dignity. She said she didn't care and did it for her self, so she did.  She basically sent a kind text that said she 'got' the ended communication and that she appreciated the encounter and wished him well.  She said she said it much more eloquently and it made her feel more in control of the situation for herself.  She didn't want to leave him with the thought that she was heartbroken - she said she didn't want him to have that.  She felt by sending the text she was left with control for herself over it all.  Well, after about 15 days, he texted her back.  He apologized for the 'lack of communication' said he did it b/c his phone died and he turned off all media (facebook, tv, email, phone) to clear his head.  He said he appreciated her too and agreed with everything she said and ended his text with "life's a blessing and so is every type of relationship we have. I hope all is well with you my Galina (his nickname for her) - Blessings!"  Anyway, that is that and she feels much better she said.  She's also started dating 2 other guys - but she's still hung up on this one but is able to let it go b/c as I told her - he's just not that into her.   I don't think he's trying to get back in touch with her.  I think he just felt guilty and this allowed him to clear HIS conscience.  At least its all over for her and she can move on!

I start my new job tomorrow!  I'm excited but I'm also really focused on trying to figure out a way to make a solid impression and KEEP balance in  my life!  I want to be successful but also keep the things in my life that have brought me happiness like running, spending time at the beach, going out with friends, going out on the boat with my family - basically just making time for me and my family as a priority.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stupid Scale and tough workout yesterday!

I swear, I don't understand the scale.  I weighed myself b/c I'm taking part in the Boobs challenge, and the stupid thing says 191??!!  My clothes aren't changing and I'm doing a really great job with the calories.  I'm tracking my calories every day, staying within 1000-1100 per day.  I had increased my calories from 900 per day in order to try to jump start my weight loss..... I just don't get it.  The math just doesn't add up.  I'm  not exercising every single day, but I'm running consistently 4-5x per week and burning calories.  I do know I'm adding muscle to my legs from running, but my clothes aren't changing.  Its been 5 weeks of no change on the scale and no change that I can tell in my clothes.

I'd like to lose 2lbs per week in July OR just go down a pants size to a 12.  How am I going to do it?  What do I try next?  The only thing left, really is for me to exercise more.  And I mean more cardio.  I'd like to try a spin class and weights - I just don't know how I'm going to work it in my schedule with my new job.  I already am going to be gone a lot and adding exercise at the end of the day takes that much more time away from seeing my family at home.

Yesterday's interval training was TOUGH!!!!!!  This is what we did yesterday:
1.  1 mile "warm up" (warm up?  pulleze!  running is running!)
2.  Ran 1 mile at faster than goal pace = 11:30, rest 2 mins
3.  Ran 1/2 mile at faster pace = 10:40 mm:ss, rest 1 min
4.  Ran 1/4 mile at even faster pace = 9:45 mm:ss, rest 5 mins
5. DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN - yes, 1 mi, 1/2 mi, 1/4 mile.  I was DYING!
6.  1 mile "cool down"

That's a total of 5.5 miles when you add it all up with timed small breaks and running as hard as you possibly can.

Holy cow it was hard!  I was very uncomfortable - meaning - I really wanted to stop and walk and had to constantly battle my brain and body to keep myself from walking.  It was very mentally and physically challenging.  My lungs hurt from breathing so hard!  I was never so glad to be done and I slept so good last night b/c I was so darn tired out!

Its raining here today, so no beach day today.  So, I went to Talbot's today and bought a really beautiful black dress that is really slimming on me.  Its made so well - such nice quality - and will last for a long time.  I also got it on sale!  I plan to wear it to work.

My new job starts Monday and my new boss is flying in from NJ on my first few days.  So very nice of her.  I have no idea what I should wear - I'll post some pics and get some suggestions from you guys!

I also bought myself this Coach bag to use as my work tote.  I'll use it to carry my work papers, books, computer, etc. back and forth to work.  I got such a great deal on it and pick grey since its neutral and also picked patent leather b/c it will hold up to dirt/stains well since it will sit on the floor most of the time.  Here are a few pics I took of it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

NSV! 60 mins running without walking!!!

This is my little busy bee and husband across the table this morning at our favorite breakfast place. We can make a time wasting game out of stacking creamers!  Anything to keep her busy!

Not sure about you guys, but its pouring down rain here when we're supposed to be at a fireworks show at the beach.  We're not going b/c we planned to bike there and its just not happening in the rain tonight.

Anyway, about my NSV.....On Sunday, my running plan called for a long 60 min run at race goal pace.  My race goal pace is 12min per mile, which means that I plan to finish the 13.1 mile half marathon in 2 hours and 40 mins.  Well, on Sunday, I actually ran for 60 mins straight - without needing to stop and walk!!  I couldn't believe my legs and how strong I felt.  Often, I have a mental game with myself telling me to make it to that distant trash can or make it to "x" restaurant before I stop.  On Sunday I felt AMAZING!  I even checked my pace and I ran consistently at 11min30 sec mile pace - faster than goal!

I know the training is definitely helping me.  Remember, I couldn't run longer than 10 minutes without stopping!  You know how weak you are in the beginning of work out program that you've just begun?  How difficult it is and no one seems to understand or empathize exactly how hard it really is for you?  I feel like I'm getting past that now with running and its an incredible feeling.   I even complimented myself without realizing it - I thought to myself - "what strong and amazing legs I have that carried me this far and this long without pain or exhaustion."  Can you believe there was not a negative comment in my brain, but a compliment that came so effortlessly?  I know that running on the boardwalk with so many other people who are very old, or who have injuries, some even in wheelchairs out for a glimpse at the oceanfront early in the mornings make me appreciate the fact that I CAN move!  I think that each time I run past them and perhaps that's what brought that effortless positive thought about myself to my brain.  Or perhaps, it was just the fact that it was so FRICKIN AMAZING to me that I actually made it that far!!!  lol!

Had a nice weekend - pool party at a friends house.  Friday night out at the beach at a Tap House meant I got to try to some really great beers.  My favorite was a Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat ale.  It was smooth and fresh and great for a hot summer evening!  There was also a raspberry one that was fantastic.  This let me to purchase some Shocktop Raspberry ale and a Peach beer by Dogfish Head brewery.  The peach one was terrible, the Shocktop was ehhh, ok.  I think we'll definitely go back to that tap house and try new stuff.  They let you sample any and as many beers as you want and they have a lot of really unique ones.  Its a lot like wine tasting, actually, and I enjoyed it.  It was a lot of fun.

I have this last week before I start work on Monday....I'm going to have to really make this week great!  I hope to spend most of it on the beach!

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