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Monday, March 15, 2010

Off to a great week!

I worked out today!  And I kept my calories in check!  Not only that, I faithfully tracked my calories and work out on caloriecount.com AND I resisted the Dove chocolates in the cabinet! Woot!  I was surprised how much I went over my calories and consumed 1700 calories yesterday and I actually thought I was doing well.  Today is much better.  I was very impressed with the new updates on caloriecount since it now analyzes your day and gives you a very detailed readout on calories, nutrients, protein, fats (sat and unsat), cholesterol, fiber, calorie deficit vs. overage customized to you.  I'm surprised that I was low on some nutrients and fiber but met the protien.  It helps me to decide what to change and what to add into my diet tomorrow.
Something I am learning since I am eating the foods I'm supposed to - if I keep eating - and push past what i should be eating, my stomach lets me!  And the more I eat.....the more I can eat!  If I stop early on, it almost seems like the food doesn't get used to going through the band.  It feels tighter.  If I push it - and eat more than I really should - the band just seems to loosen up and let me!  If it stayed this way, it could be a good thing.  It would occasionally allow me to eat but restrict me most of the time.
Today, for example, I packed a tunafish sandwich.  I could only eat less than half before I worked out.   I know that's because I didn't eat breakfast - only coffee.  I ate the other half of the sandwich driving back to work after I worked out.  I was quite full - but satisfactorily full.  I had greek yogurt and a bananna still that I had packed that I couldn't eat.  No way.  Then tonight I had about 1 cup of chili.  Just right.  I feel good - satisfied.  (smile)

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Charlottesville, VA with 3 other girls (one is my sister) and we are going to see my boyfriend John Mayer!  Woohoooo!  We're going to drive home afterwards so I won't get home until about 3am.  Going to have to fuel up on the Sbux!  I can't wait!  I hope I'm able to sneak my camera in - its one of those with the detachable lens that most places won't let you bring into a concert.  I hope I have lots of great pictures to share!  And if you're wondering how I feel about his lastest screw up in the Playboy article - I think he was stupid for what he said.  Hopefully he learned something from it and grew up a little.  Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.  Well, I do still like him for all the other reasons I liked him before.  People say stupid things sometimes, no excuses, but I'm going to enjoy the concert tomorrow! :)   

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  1. I saw him last month in Charleston SC. The concert was awesome!! I knew it would be good, but didn't expect it to be that great. Hope you have a good time, drive safe!


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