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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Worked out again - feels good!

It feels good to have that accomplished.  Its always rough at first but it felt good to work out some of the soreness from my muscles.  I ran for 10 mins of the 45 - the rest I walked on an incline.  Knees don't feel as bad as they did the first time.  I listened to a craftsanity podcast interviewing a knitting designer I like a lot the whole time which is a change of pace for me.  I know - boooring for most - but its interesting for me!  I did complete knitting booties and a cute little hat for someone who recently had a baby at work.  It felt good to accomplish something with my hands instead of with my brain.  A tangible result of work completed.
On the eating front: I can't believe I blew it last night eating.  Nachos with cheese did me in.  This after making myself broiled salmon with steamed asparagus while the kids ate pizza.  Not sure why I fell off the wagon like that - I was feeling stressed b/c of the kids and frustrated that I hadn't worked out yesterday. 
I'm going to eat the other half of the salmon with the rest of the asparagus for lunch.  I don't know why I crave cheese all the time.  cheese and crackers, nachos with cheese, blue cheese on my salad, grilled cheese.  Its really nuts.  I know I get enough protein, so its not that.  And I never really was a big cheese person before. 


  1. Funny isn't it? I was never a cheese person (or savory for that matter) but I am now. Did we get a savory implant instead of a band? Pfft
    Love that you got out and exercised again. You are really doing well now - and I know all about the frustration side of things and eating. I'm thinking of you


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