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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Its 11am and I'm hungry...

I've had coffee and a half a banana. I've recorded it. I'm hungry but I don't want to blow it today.  I find if I eat less during the day - its harder to eat a larger dinner.   If I eat more during the day, I'm able to eat much more for dinner.  Since I am going out to dinner before the concert tonight and I don't want to screw up today.  I have to leave in 2 hours and I'm going to make myself work out for 45 mins, take a shower, do my hair and make-up, and plan my outfit for tonight.  I also have to clean my car since I'm driving everyone to the concert. 
Not sure where we'll end up for dinner but I am committed to making the right choices today.  I don't feel good about how I look today - but perhaps if I jump on the treamill - work out a little which I'm noticing makes me feel stronger mentally - it will curb my hunger and make me feel better.

This constant rain isn't helping either with the moods.  I need some sunshine!!!  See you all tomorrow - hope you have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!


  1. Have fun at your concert! Who are you going to see?

  2. You need some protein Girl!!!! Have some cheese or a protein bar...or a real meal but small portions!

    Have a great time at the concert!

  3. Have a great time tonight! Thank you for leaving that great message on my blog today...it meant a lot!

  4. Alexis - I went to see John Mayer. :P And Gen, thanks for the recommendation - I'll keep an eye on the protien!


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