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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another half pound! I'll take it!

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions about the salad!  I stuck with it, finished it, and didn't do badly food-wise for the rest of the day!  I also got a run in (3.2 mi) in 45mins.  I can already tell that I can run longer - and it feels better - after only these 3 weeks.   I got on the scale today and lost .5 !  I just hope it stays off and doesn't just bounce back up tomorrow.  I feel like if I don't work out today - it could bounce back up there, you know?  You know how you just bounce around up one day by a pound, down the next by a half, up the next day by a half, down the next day by a pound to end up right where you started?  I want to avoid that!  My goal is to be at 203.5 by Sat or Sunday.   I didn't take a lunch today and so I missed a workout during the lunch hour.  Its 7:15pm already, just got home, and I need to find a way to work it in!! 


  1. Thanks Girl - I am so close but it has just eluded me for sooooooo long!!! I wonder if I'll make it by 4/6?? I WISH! thanks for the comment! It means a lot right now for me!

  2. OOOH this is exciting. Onderland is just around the corner. I am stoked you are running longer and harder - its all starting to pay off!


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