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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Real quick

Hey....real quick.....I'm home late, its 10pm here on the East coast, so I gotta post quick.  I knew it would be a long day b/c I was off they last two days and it was!  But that's not what I want to talk about.  I wanted to tell you guys that I'm doing really well food-wise and I am so proud of myself!  I couldn't didn't make working out happen today, but that's ok, b/c I'm just going to do it tomorrow and SAT and that will make 5 days of working out this week!  Yippiee ki-yay!  That will be 2 full weeks of working out 5x like I should!  I am getting stronger already and am already less winded & less ache-y (how do you spell that?? I don't have time to look it up - and btw has anyone figured out how to do spell check on blogger yet??) 
Anyway - just wanted to express my personal excitement because I know if I do all the right things, I'm going to get rolling again on the weight loss!  I can't wait to look like all you skinny minnie's out there! Yes CARA, I saw your collar bones in that VLOG....you hot momma...... and I'm jealous!  :)


  1. That is so cool how great you feel about your accomplishment/s! As you should!
    I never found a spell check but I use firefox as my browser and it does it for you.
    Keep up the good work and blogging!

  2. lol silly girl - you should never be jealous of me - you're outstanding!!! But, thanks for shout out - I'm now famous thanks to it .. mwah!!

    I cannot believe how much you are working out? So damn proud of you!! Must be the best feeling in the world to be feeling stronger and less achy (oh, BTW.. the word that is spelled wrong is underlined in red in your text.. right click on the word and it gives you a load of alternatives aka the right way to spell it.. BUT only if that word is in the dict. in the first place.. that help? lol)

    I like that you rarely express guilt too when you miss a workout - you just know that you will get it in the next day. Healthy mind there. And thank you SO much for your beautiful comment on my vlog.. wow.. I feel so appreciative to have someone like you following me!!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I feel better that I am not alone in hating my 'bleep' and the place that I go every day... I try to avoid using buzz words that can be googled, so that is why you see the code words in my blog!!
    xo V

  4. Good for you with the exercise!

  5. Thanks girls for the encouragement! :)


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