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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scale won't move and I'm officially home!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  WE went camping, I drank too much, but I did manage to go for one 4 mile run on Saturday.  Didn't happen Sun, Mon, or Tue but I'm back on track today and did 4 mi this morning down at the beach.

I carefully watched my calories yesterday staying within 800.  The scale this morning said 194.  UGH.  Its not physically possible to NOT lose weight if I'm keeping my cals low AND working out---right?  What gives?

I know my cals were up over 1000 over the past 5 days - so maybe getting my eating back to 800 and walk/running everyday is going to jolt my metabolism?  I know for sure I'm getting enough protein and enough vitamins. I'm going to be very strict with my calories this week and diligent with working out 5x this week.  Its GOT TO work right??!!

On the job front, I'm officially unemployed!  The job staying with the company didn't work out so I'm officially home and taking severance.  Yesterday was my first day home and I must say I was a little out of sorts.  I'm a little lost and without direction.  I need to fill my days and stay busy and that's what's missing.  Tomorrow I'm taking my daughter back to daycare which will totally free up my day.  I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do - I have have lots of cleaning, laundry to do.

On Friday, the French company I'm interviewing with is flying me to NJ for yet more interviews with more executives.  I'll arrive there at noon and fly home at 6pm - so it doesn't sound like its going to be a terribly long day/interview.  I'm not really positive about the job - its completely up in the air and it seems as though this interview might make it or break it.  I also have a lot to think about to consider jumping back into a high pressure high stress career.  The money and the challenge are appealing but the big question is whether I can balance life and not lose myself (sell my soul) to my job again.....

In other news, I have a lot to share - a strange thing happened to me last week.  I'll share later - but its definitely something that's not happened to me before that I'd love your advice on.  Don't mean to be secretive or leading - just don't have a ton of time to post about it now...


  1. I think 800 cals with all the exercise is not enough. Try eating more protein: a cheese stick here and there or hard boiled egg may help your metabolism.

  2. I know that I couldn't eat 800 calories and run 4 miles. My body would go insane! You might try a little more calories (maybe around 1200?) and see if that is the issue. You are right, for that kind of work, you expect to see results! Hope you find something that does the trick.

  3. Wow-- well I'm in NJ, but will be in NY when you're in NJ.
    Good luck with the interview... I am totally intrigued. Do you not discuss what you do? I am curious....


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