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Friday, June 3, 2011

Interview today in NJ and the scale moved!!

I didn't work out this morning because I needed time to prepare more for my interview today in Newark, NJ, the headquarters for the French company I'm visiting today.  I felt pretty calm overall, but got pretty nervous when I got the itinerary for my visit.  I was meeting with 5, yes FIVE, various VPs and Executive or Senior Directors.  OMG.  So this nice black limo picked me up, arrived and proceeded to eat lunch with one of the VPs.  I ate salmon and vegetables and in the middle of it started to PB.  I ate too fast and was nervous which equals I NEED TO PUKE.  My eyes watered and I tried to find a break in the conversation to ask where the nearest restroom was.  She said it wasn't near by and that she'd need to scan me in.  She wasn't even finished with her lunch and I had to spit a few times in my water bottle and hope she didn't notice.  IT WAS AWFUL.  I made it to the restroom and proceeded to THROW UP.  But at least I instantly felt fine and walked out with eyes watering and pretended I just didn't go at the airport.  HOW AWFUL is that????  She sat with me for a while.  I proceeded to meet with person after person but overall it went really well.  I feel positive and believe they'll make me an offer.  So its not all lost!  :):):)

On the scale front, I lost a pound and am back to 192 - thank goodness!!!

Tonight, as soon as I land (I'm typing this in the Newark airport right now) I'm headed to my friends house and we're going out to the beach.  There is a free reggae concert on the beach and we're going to drink orange crushes and sit out in this breezy, humidity free evening!  I can't wait.  This is the friend newly divorced with new awesome boobs.  I'm her wingman tonight and I have so much fun trying to find her a potential date.  Its a fun ice breaker to meet new people! LOL!

So, aside from all this, I have to tell you what happened last week.  My boss visited us last week in our very last week with the company.  We went out on a charter fishing boat (all the management staff) and had a great day on the ocean drinking beer.  It was gorgeous.   Then we went to dinner and more drinking.  At the end of the night, he kept wanting me to go with him to one last bar even though I was trying to leave.  I concede, have a great time, and as we're walking back to our cars he tries to kiss me!  OMG!!!  I, of course, said no and then he proceeded to tell me that he always thought I was "sexy" and why not just go "back to his room."  I could not believe IT!  I guess b/c it was the last time he'd see me, he thought that I'd actually do that??!!  Now, I'm not passing judgement against anyone who may choose to do this - but its not something I wanted to do.  He's not used to being turned down - I could tell - and I've seen it myself at work.  I was just so shocked!  I quickly left and felt so very awkward the next day at work.  I talked to him as normal and pretended it never happened.  I really liked him professionally and he's a good contact network-wise.  Do you think I should cut all ties?  I did nothing wrong - he tried to!  I think I want to just continue as if nothing happened.  What do you think?


  1. I'm glad things went well at the interview (other than the PB). I hope you get an offer.
    That's crazy about your ex-boss. How uncomfortable. I wouldn't necessarily cut ties because you may want him as a reference. He'll probably get over it if you just act normal and professional.

  2. Holy crap!

    First, I'm glad the interview went well despite the PB-drama. You rock :)

    On the former-boss front-- what the heck was he thinking? I'm mixed on the issue of using him as a reference. Do you think he'll take your refusal out on you in references, whether or not you act like nothing happened? If you feel like you can trust him to be a big boy about it, then sure, keep things professional but if there is any possibility he will sabotage you because you said no, then you have a real issue-- and possibly a law suit even. Is there any way to find out what kind of reference he would give now?

  3. That was some interview you had! My fingers are crossed that you will get the offer. As far as the other, I would just ignore what happened and chalk it up to his maybe having too much to drink.

  4. Yay on your interview - I can't wait to hear about the next step!!

    As far as the other thing (Oh holy hell!!!) But - I would just ignore it. You didn't do anything wrong and that's that. Maybe he will be useful at some future point professionally and maybe not - but I don't get the sense you'll be seeing him all the time either way so I'd just pretend it never happened and move on!

  5. Good luck with the job, and sorry about the boss experience! I would keep the ties, and try to forget it- he's probably more mortified than you are, but let's face it, business is a small world, and who knows when you will run into him again professionally?

  6. I'm so glad the interview went well! You rock!!

    Don't worry about your ex-boss. Just ignore it. I'm sure you are not the first and won't be the last, but he could help you in the future.

    Good luck on the offer!

  7. I've totally had that problem with the former boss. More than once. My advice? Pretend it didn't happen, act professionally around him (if not a little aloof and cold, but just a little) but above all else don't tell ANYONE that might know him because that shit gets around that you're a tattle-tale. Don't cut the ties because yes, you might need the reference someday. If you are ever alone with him again in the future, you may want to let him know that his advance on you took you by surprise and made you feel uncomfortable, but until you get a private moment to talk, just pretend it didn't happen. Congrats on the job interview though! What did you think of Newark?

  8. So glad that the interview went well.. fingers crossed and keep us updated.
    Now on to the ex-boss thing.. RUN do not walk away from this guy. I have no respect for me that try to pull this crap.

    I have had my eyes opened wide now that I am "single" again, and believe me there are more snakes in the garden then butterflies..

    So just focus on your path forward, your new opportunities and chalk the jerk up to being a jerk.



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