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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Down .5 - its something!

I'm actually sitting in a bar on the beach as I type this, the wind is blowing and I'm drinking an orange crush at 1pm in the afternoon.  Its glorious weather and as soon as I'm done having this one, I'm going to go lay out on the beach for a few hours......

I skipped boot camp this morning.  I was so tired and my muscles were still sore, so I decided that I would skip it today so that I could run better tomorrow night at my first running club practice.  I didn't want to look like a total idiot out there - and I know I wouldn't have been able to do much of anything if I did bootcamp this morning.  So I didn't do it.

Yesterday I scheduled the rest of my laser hair removal.  I had paid full price a few years ago and never finished my bikini line and thighs.  I'm now scheduled to have it all completed.  If you all haven't tried laser hair removal - I highly recommend it.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to not have to shave my underarms and legs.  I still have some residual hair on my thighs that the 6 treatments I had didn't take of which is why I need to do my thighs.  I also still have some hair around my knees that needs to go that I have to shave occasionally.  I  no longer have those black dots on my legs from hair that used to be there after I shaved.  I love, love, love it.  And getting my bikini line done means I no longer will have to have waxing done.  Yeouch! :)

I have hot yoga scheduled this week and my running club as part of my attempt at new adventures this week!  I've been looking at taking some diving certification classes.  Something I've always wanted to do.  It costs about $250 here to get certified in open water - so I figure that's not too bad for a new adventrue.  You have to go about six 2-hour classes and take a test both on paper and in a dive pool.  I'd thought about giving this as a gift to my husband for father's day.  We could spend some time together and I'd benefit also.

On the food front, I'm doing well with my calories - and I found myself down half a pound today.  So I'm 189 and I'm ready to move it down!  I'm still tracking my food on livestrong's Myplate very consistently.  I'm very proud of that.

I had a protein shake for breakfast - I'm trying to change things up by making myself eat something early rather than waiting until 12 or 1 pm to eat my first meal.  Its so easy for me to do that - and I prefer it - but I wonder if that's screwing up my metabolism a little.  So I want to try to get it moving earlier in the day and hoping that eating earlier in the day might help a little.  I keep reading that everywhere, so I'm going to give it a go.

I've also decided to start a savings goal so that I can do what Barbara is doing - I'm going to save up for a boob lift.  But I also want a tummy tuck b/c I'm going to do this and get to my goal!  If I can get to 160, I'd be happy.  That's only 29 lbs away!  I'm going to lose this extra weight and I'm going to need some intervention. :)


  1. A boob lift is totally on my list of things to save for, too. I hear ya!

    I have always thought about the laser hair removal, but have never done it. it seems very expensive and it seems like you have to keep going back to "touch up" areas missed, so it is kind of like an expensive procedure that just keeps needing more and more maintenance. But maybe I have it all wrong?


  2. You're doing amazing! I look forward to meeting you at BOOBS in Chicago... *Maria*~DiZneDiVa:Blogger from "This One Time at BAND Camp..."-1 vs 300. Follow my journey at mybigfatbandgeeklife.blogspot.com

  3. YAY for a 1/2 pound. That is a lot in my book. Keep at it, sister!

  4. This has totally nothing to do with this post, but I just read your comment on my blog...you can totally feel free to e-mail me ANY time to chat. I'm pretty open about what I'm going through when asked (I just don't want to go into detail on my blog). :) pexielexie21@hotmail.com

  5. Good luck on the tummy tuck - I had mine 3 years ago! xoxo

  6. Hey a 1/2 a pound is great! I know I've said it before, but I'm seriously jealous of how active you've become. I can't you know because the huge invisible weight on my back that prohibits me from exercising. ;)

  7. I cannot believe I haven't been following you! I love your nick and I've been seeing your great comments all over blogland and like a loser, didn't realize I wasn't a reader. Duh.

    Glad to be here now!

  8. Hiya!! I am new!! I know you are coming to Chicago and I thought we should get to know eachother! Looking forward to catching up on your band life. Totally jealous of sitting on the beach with a cocktail!

    How did you like your yoga class? I like hot yoga...when I first started taking it I got dizzy!


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