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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great news - very busy day!

Lots happening today!
1.  I signed up for a boot camp on the beach beginning this Friday for 6 weeks (2x per week)
2.  I attending a running club seminar and spent $149 for personal coaching to prepare me for a half marathon in 12 weeks: 9/4 (one of my goals this year is to complete a half marathon).
3.  I can tell I'm coming out of my mixed emotions.  I felt much better overall today and am finding some clarity in my feelings and confusion.  And its good - good as in I feel like I'm part of my own family again - not wanting to be distant from my spouse.
4.  I ran 30 minutes straight today!  That's a first
5.  At about 5:30pm today, the French company made an offer!  Its actually more money (shocker), 3 weeks vacation (instead of the 2 I expected), and I don't start until 7/11 which gives me a full month left for me to be off (bonus!)!

The scale is still reading 189.5 and with exercise, I only netted about 700 calories today.  My knee is bothering me a bit, so I think I'm going to not work out tomorrow and let my knee heal.  I've done a great job with water, calories, exercise.  Hopefully the boot camp and running club is going to kick start the scale.  I know I will have to increase my calorie intake with increased running program, but I still want to try to net no more than 1000 cals after exercise so I'm still losing.

I'm definitely fitting into 14's - so I'm seeing changes in my body even though I don't see it on the scale.  But GOSH, I want that scale to move down INTO the 180's!!!!  C'mon - just 10 more pounds!!!!!!!  Will I be a size 12 in 10 lbs? I can't even imagine!!!!


  1. Dang girl...you are a crazy coconut! I wish I could join you in all your upcoming workouts and personal training.

  2. Congratulations on the job! Terrific news all around. I am psyched for you on all fronts!!

  3. Yay, yay, and more yay!! Congratulations on your job offer. And what an exciting plan you have to reach your fitness goals. I love it!

  4. Congratulations on the job offer!You are really inspiring me with your exercise. I always mean to ask where in VA do you live? I know it's on the coast, but just wondering. I'm in MD and would love to try to meet sometime.

  5. Awesome you are doing so well!!!!! Totally jealous about the bootcamp on the beach. And the half marathon - so cool. You can totally do it! Congrats on the job too, yay!

  6. Fantastic!! Love it when good things come in multiples.. and good for you for getting into those exercise programs.. congrats on the job too

  7. Congratulations on the job offer, that's fantastic!! And I am in awe of your exercise goals!! And super yay for being part of your family again - connected with your husband! I totally get that!!


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