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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey check out that milage! 8 miles Sunday!

Hey everyone!  See my update there on the left of my blog.  I went 8 miles Sunday! Woot!  Thanks Barbara for the shout out - I wish all this running my ass off would actually make my ass go away!

I ran the first 4 (with three 60 second breaks) and then I walked the entire second 4 miles.   I took the required break on Monday and today I ran the intervals again - which consisted of four 800 meter runs at a 10m15sec pace.  That's FAST for me and I sweated more than I have in a long time!

Today I used a Groupon and had my house cleaned.  Do any of you have your houses cleaned?  Why do I feel so guilty about doing it?  I swear, I cleaned the entire time they were here, too.  Its all part of my plan to de clutter my home.  I got rid of about 6 boxes of just stuff - clothes, books, candles, candle holders, purses, shoes, kid clothes, you get the idea.  I also threw away tons of old make up that was just taking up room.   Its a house CLEANSE!  I need to cleanse my spirit and cleanse my home!

Today I wasn't hungry at all.  I had to remind myself to eat.  I really enjoy not working because it allows me to eat when I actually feel like it.  This is a wonderful feeling!  I ate a few blueberries for breakfast, I ate some steamed shrimp, one grilled hot wing, and about 5 french fries with a beer for late lunch.  Then for dinner I had some leftover whole wheat pasta with onions, beef, carrot, zuchinni, tomatoes and garlic in a red wine reduction.  YUMMY!

I feel great that I worked out and as hard as it still is, I'm looking forward to this running getting easier....at least I'm hoping its going to!


  1. I so want a house cleaner. Do not feel guilty in the least!

  2. I TOTALLY get my house cleaned. It is so worth it! I pay about $117 every 3 weeks. And it's fabulous. They make my bed, scrub my bathtub, do my dishes, etc. I always leave a tip, but I sometimes ask them to do something extra (like yesterday I asked them to sanitize/clean all my door nobs in the house) which they always do. Plus, they play with my cat and when I come home my kitty is always in a wonderful mood! To me, that's well worth the money, and it saves me from SO much cleaning! I still de-clutter, but that deep-scrubbing cleaning...well...let's just say that if I didn't have the housecleaners I would have time to do it! I LOVE IT!

  3. Wow you are doing so great! I have not been around much....but glad to see you are totally kicking ass!

    Meanwhile, I get my house cleaned once a week - totally extravagant, but with 4 kids, the house stays clean for about 5 minutes. So worth it. I can't stand cleaning! And I used to feel guilty but no more! My cleaners seriously appreciate the business, I seriously appreciate the clean house for those 5 minutes!

  4. 8 miles, wow congrats! I would love to work up to being able to run that long (or just to be able to run at all, haha)! I get my house cleaned once a month and it is totally worth it!

  5. Just fyi, I have my APARTMENT (I don't even have a house) cleaned once a week and she changes my sheets too. When I moved, I figured housekeeper costs into my rent. One of my top 5 choices ever! :)


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