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Saturday, June 18, 2011

No texting the guy - thanks!

So thanks to everyone who took the time to give such great advice.  No text was sent and it truly was the smartest, most dignified move.  Thank you so much for the great perspective!

Ironically, my friends and I went to a place yesterday afternoon on the beach and as we walked through the outdoor bar to get to the restaurant.....who do you think was at the bar?  None other than THE GUY.  We quickly passed by him and he was sitting there talking to his best friend.  My friend doesn't think he saw us, but I disagreed b/c EVERYONE notices my friend when we walk into a place b/c she's 6 feet tall!  People can't help but notice her.  Anyway - we made our way past with no eye contact and while we were way out of the way on the other side of the restaurant, he never said hello, came over, nothing.   I guess its possible he didn't see us, but I just don't think its likely.  It was just such a crazy coincidence to see him there of all places,times, days....

I'm still at 187.5, my 3 mile practice run went GREAT on Thursday.  Today is a timed 60 minute run which at my pace of about 11.5 min/mi could take me 6 miles - I'm not going to do that b/c I'm going to put walk breaks between every 20 mins, I think.  That puts my pace at like 12-13 min/mi when I include walking so I'll likely cover about 5 miles.

I finally found my nike plus sensor so I can keep tracking my runs.  Gosh, how I missed that thing!  I love my nike plus for tracking and 'getting credit for' all the hard work of running!

We're going out on the boat after my run this morning.  Its going to be hot and the kids want to go tubing and fishing.  Its going to be beautiful - I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I really glad that your friend didn't text him! He isn't worth it and we ladies put ourselves through so much mental pain with men sometimes!

    Sounds like a lovely day to me! Fishing and tubing! Lucky.

  2. Good call on the not texting. I purposely did not respond because I would have texted and later regretted it. Tell her not to waste any more energy on him, she is obviously too good for him!

    Sounds like a wonderful day you have planned. Hope you guys have a blast.

  3. I'm glad you found your Nike sensor. Now if I could just find my Body Bugg!!


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