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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Awesome running practice tonight!

I came home from running practice and hubs caught a large mouth bass in the lake beside our house.  Then my little girl, busybee, wanted to 'hold' the fish.  The 2nd shot is her 'holding' the fish. LOL!

I'm so impressed by so many of you who are coming back strong from surgery (Jacquie), getting ready to improve their body (Barbara), continuing to work out and/or picking up the exercise pace (Beth Ann, Amy, ) or trying something new to kick start their loss ( Drazil).  Such strong women out there that inspire me!

I can't tell you all how much better I feel mentally after running/working out.  Its incredible to me the mood lift I get.  Tonight I did my first interval training at the track.  I made some new friends, which is a bonus!  So what did we do at interval training?

I ran one loop around a high school track which is 400 meters and the timed goal for me was to run it in 2 min and 40 seconds.  They arrived at this number because I told them my average mile pace currently is 12 min/mile (I'm slow, I know it!)  The 2 min and 40 seconds equates to an 11 min mile pace so its a slight push faster than what I normally do.  This faster pace is supposed to strengthen your fast twitch muscles and prepare them to be able to run faster overall over time and practice.

Practice began with a 10 min run with everyone - naturally it was hard for me b/c I just not as fast as the other (thinner) runners.  Then, I ran four 400 meter laps at 2:30-2:40 with a 2 minute rest in between.  Then I had to run two 800 meter laps at 5:15 m:sec.  Afterwards, we had to run 10 mins as a "cool down"   Let me tell you it was hard!  Having someone watch you and time you makes you want to push it!   The plan for the rest of the week is to run 35 min tomorrow at an easy pace, then 4 miles at your goal race pace Thursday, then rest Friday.  Saturday is a 3 mile run.  Let me tell you running with others really makes you want to do better and be better.

When I drove home I felt so great!  So strong and good about myself and for getting out there and DOING IT!  I was feeling a little run down and demotivated earlier - but running makes me feel powerful and in control.  I love the feeling even though its a lot of work to get there - its so wonderful when you're done!

Tomorrow, I've got a 5:30 am boot camp!  I'm going to make this darn scale move!!  I was 189.5 this morning - sheesh - how long is this going to stick?  Move scale, MOVE!


  1. LOVE IT!! You will kick ass tomorrow morning, girl!

  2. I'm impressed! I don't know if I could run even if someone scary was chasing me!


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