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Monday, November 30, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

We took the kids to "Christmastown" yesterday in Williamsburg.  What a beautiful setting they created.  Its the first year they were open for Christmas and I have to say they did a great job!  I was looking forward to the decorations and letting the kids see Santa.  We weren't disappointed!  The above pic was from a penguin exhibit.

This is the Entrepreneur and Busy Bee on the carousel.  He tried to not look like he was having too much fun on a "purple girly" horse.   The Entrepreneur loves nutcrackers - and all things German - so we bought him one in one of the German shops.  He doesn't know this but he was concieved (I know TMI)  in Germany when Mr. Coconuts and I visited there for two weeks one Summer.  Germany (Southern) was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen on Earth.  It was like living in an epic Storybook.  Seriously.   He's placing it in a special place in the house as part of his Christmas decorations.

This is a picture of a single chandelier in the Festhaus.  They had all of "Germany" decorated like the North Pole, had Santa's workshop, all kinds of local vendors, mulled wine, cider, hot chocolate.  I was in COZY paradise!

And this is Busy Bee.  She's banging her head and rockin it out to a German Christmas carol.  *sigh* she gets it from me.......
On the eating front, I've gained 2 lbs, but for some reason I couldn't eat a whole lot yesterday.  I have to say it was wonderful to be able to put on any pair of size 16 jeans and they fit.  You know?  They FIT.  I didn't feel like I normally do around the holidays and think about all the weight I need to lose and things I need to not eat.  I ate very little and I felt really good, really positive about that.  Instead of the negative thinking my mind was filled with positive thoughts about myself and that this time it really is different.
I'm so happy to have this band!


  1. What a great post! lol I was laughing at the antics of your fantastic children - the one of Busy Bee is hilarious.. look at her little blurred head as she rocks out!
    You sound in a happy place right now.. love it! xx


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