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Friday, November 6, 2009

208.5 today - met goal

I set a mini goal to meet 208 by 11/6 and despspite that .5, I'm considering that goal attained.  My chest cold has come back b/c I stopped taking the horsepill antibiotics - like an idiot.  Having a cold means I cannot eat at all - I wonder why that is.  Yesterday, I kept trying to eat, but just couldn't.  I managed to get down some high protein greek yogurt, couldn't stomach any soup, and milk.  That was it.  My chest is just so weighed down, eating makes me feel ill.  I don't like not eating much - b/c I don't want to totally screw up my metabolism.  I'm going to be very careful to get the calories in today that I need.  And the vitamins too.
I'm dreaming about what it would be like to be in the 190's again.  I honestly can't even imagine or know what my body is going to feel like.  It was just before I got pg with my now 3yr old daughter that I weighed 199 for like 10 seconds.  I was working out everyday and working out 2 days with a personal trainer.  I was taking adipex, and appetite supressant and eating 1200 cals per day.  I was much tighter and smaller b/c of all the working out than I am now but I don't even remember what clothes I could wear.  I'd really love to be there by the end of December and I think I can do it.  My goal is to get these 8.5 lbs off by the first week in December.  I also need to start exercising.  Next goal - walking.  I'm not going to push myself hard.  I could run, but I just don't want to - so I'm making walking a simple goal that I can attain......


  1. Congrats on hitting your goal! Although your cold sounds like no fun at all. Keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll hit that next goal with no problem. You'll be in the 100's before you know it!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words Robyn! how are you feeling?

  3. Hey you hit your goal!! Awesome!!! but I feel for you having this horrible cold.. just when things are going great something gets in the way to make it that much harder.
    Can you get your alloted calories down in liquids maybe? I think being ill you will probably lose a little naturally anyway - and I can't wait to hear you've hit that 199. This time you will stay there longer than 10 seconds!!
    Cara xxx

  4. Right on with the weight loss! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Great job ! You can do this... focus on maybe some good old Jewish peniccilin right now: chicken soup and try not to worry too much about eating until you feel better. (just eat things that go down ok and are healthy for you.)
    Hope this makes sense, feel better!

  6. Thanks everyone for the kinds words and get well wishes. I think chicken soup - how funny - jewish penicilin - I've never heard that before but I love it. I think I will make myself some chicken soup. Thanks everyone!


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