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Monday, November 23, 2009

What I want to know on other's blogs

When first reading everyone's wonderful blogs and reading all the boards out there - one of the things I really wanted to know and understand through everyone else's experiences was - as they went through the weight loss process, how much and what types of food were they eating (I still appreciate it when everyone details this from time to time to guage my eating) and what 'size' pants they were at certain weights.  I know we're all shaped differently and are different heights which makes all the difference in the world.  That's why I always tried to find someone at a similar height, age and build to sort of guage myself against.  So for anyone who is in search of the same info - I wanted to share my stats in this area:
Age:  40 (so weird to type that b/c I don't 'feel' 40)
Height: 5'4"
Build:  medium
At my highest weight, 236 = size 18W were snug - I was pushing it, size XL top, 40DD bra.  No hope fitting into a regular 18 (non-"W" Women's).  Felt a lot of my weight in my butt/hips and my waist.
At 220= size 18W were big/loose, size XL top, 40DD bra.  Regular 18 fit ok, size 16 - no way b/c too tight in the waist.  Felt the loss in my waist only.  Size 16 jeans - could button but muffin top made it unwearable in public.  Size 14 jean - couldn't even zip.
At 206= size 18W are to big to wear, size XL top, 40DD bra.  Regular 18 are almost too big, size 16 fits perfectly.  Felt loss in my waist mostly but also now my hips b/c the regular size 18 dress pants fall a little low and I have to keep pulling them up.  Size 16 Levi/Gap jeans - fit well in the waist, loose in the legs and hips - I prefer them a little tighter.  Size 14 - I can zip & button - but they are a little too tight in the stomach to wear in public.  I even notice a difference in my work out clothes - the pants are much looser in the butt and waist and the tops are more comfortable b/c they are more loose.  LOVE IT!  I still wear an XL, mainly b/c of my boobs which are still filling the 40DD cup.  I actually would really like my boobs to get smaller b/c I think I'd look thinner with smaller boobs. 
So what will 195 bring?  That's 10 lbs from here.  A size 14 maybe??


  1. I am similar to you - now 204 and size 16s are loose in the waist, but still tight in the thighs (argh). Also 5'4" but losing more in my waist than butt/thighs so far.

    Sadly, I am down to a C cup. Happily, that means I am now wearing mostly L tops!

    I know 195 is a size 14 for me!

    Here's to size 14 in 2010!

  2. I also wonder this, mosly people's height. It seems that everyone posts weight information but nothing else (I'm guilty of this too)!

  3. Well, I am five foot six and at 193 pounds I fit into a size 16 here in Australia which is a size 14 where you are. I'm also a medium build and when I gained the weight it went everywhere (but especially my stomach but that could have been the result of four kids.) Now I'm losing it, that has been one of the places with the biggest results (whew!!) but I have noticed it's coming off all over too. I'm not pear shaped or anything, but I still think the biggest hit has come from my thighs and hips - I look the most slender there.
    Cup size hmmm. I started off as a 20-22 DD and am now down to 16F (holy moly, lol) A sure sign I have lost from the boobs but I'm still overly large (I share that with Gen who has the same problem lol.) I'm not sure how it equates to a US size but I guess we could look it up.

  4. I am 175cm (5'9), I would say large frame and hold most my weight up top, classical apple shape...although I have lost alot around my waist, hips and thighs, which is weird seeing that I am a 24 DD (aussie size 24)..although I am deseperate for new bras! Pants are the worse, because I need them to fit around my waist, but I don't have a bum..so unfortunately I have saggy bum pants syndrome!

  5. Will be rooting for you I am some where around 207 (scale bounces around)..Will be sure to add your blog to my list. and hopefully we can both be successful (and someday skinny!!!)
    be well


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