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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Diagnosis: Pneumonia

I finally went to the Dr yesterday b/c I simply couldn't take the shortness of breath and chest pains from the pressure of all this crap in my lungs.  Had x-rays done and left with prescriptions for a steroid, zpack (antibiotic), and an inhaler.  The inhaler gave me relief almost immediately.  Never ever used an inhaler before but it sure helped to open my lungs up and take that pain and pressure away.  The zpack is a great antibiotic that works in only 5 days!  Today is only the 2nd day of use and I already feel better.  I still have a fever and am sweating one hour and shaking from feeling so cold the next hour.  I've never felt like this before - had a splitting headache and stiff neck and neck pain all night and this morning.  When I do breathe in and out it sounds like rice crispies in my lungs.  Popping and wheezing. Yuck!  I'm glad I rarely get sick, I've certainly never had this before, and it sucks!  As the day goes on, I'm feeling better and better!
That brings me to another topic.  As sick as I am, and I promise you, I'm a pretty strong chick when it comes to pain or sickness or whatever.  I only tell you that to put into perspective that I'm not a complainer nor do I rely on my spouse to take of me, ever.  I remember being a little peeved each time I had a child - peeved at my husband b/c he never even seemed to blink an eye at what my body had just gone through.  As if it was not hard or taxing.  I guess I just was peeved b/c he never really 'took care of me' when I was clearly not feeling well and had a legitimate reason for it.  Fast forward to this morning.  I feel worse than I have in years and he's just not even AWARE.  I got a "how are you feeling?" as he passed through the living room into the kitchen.  I have bloodshot eyes, I'm holding my head, and look like someone who feels pretty darn sick.  He just does his little routine and off he goes to race and leave me with the kids all day by myself.  Keep in mind, my 3yr old is non-stop talking, wanting, asking, eating, drinking, playing.  Of course she is, she's 3.  She wears me out when I'm 100%.  I'm not looking forward to the day and he's gone from 9am until midnight tonight.  I guess I just wanted a little empathy, a neck rub?, a "do you need anything today?", or "I'm sorry I'm going to be gone all day, I know you're feeling pretty bad".  Instead he handled it by ignoring and not acknowledging how badly I was feeling.  Sometimes you just need a little empathy from your spouse, you know?  It made me really feel resentful and unappreciated. grrrrrrrr.  Its one of those underlying things that has always been there and will never go away.  Something I just have to accept but it rears its ugly head every once in while until I get over it.
Ok, enough about that.  So do you want to know what I'm going to get my sisters for Christmas?  I know its early, but if I don't start now, I'll never make it.  I'm going to get each of them personalized with their kid's names on them.    The pic below is from the seller's shop on etsy: cinnamonsticks

So I've decided I'm picking my own Christmas present this year and its going to be this, from here, I think: 


  1. SO sorry you are feeling so bad, but even worse is the DH behavior! You are kinder than me. I would be yelling at my DH for that kind of treatment (he responds well to guilt tripping). You do deserve to be taken care of. I cannot believe he left you alone with a 3 year old knowing you are as sick as you are. That just sucks. (I know all about chasing after a 3 yr old - I made my DH take the 3 year old most of the day....just so I could work!)

    Anyway, the gifts are gorgeous! Love, love the rings!

  2. Sorry to hear your husband is being less than helpful. Mine is the same way, so before I had surgery I had a big talk with him about what it means to take care of someone when they're not feeling their best. I can't blame him too much, he never had a role model to show him but boy is it annoying! Love your rings and your sisters' gifts are so cute. They'll love them!

  3. Why are men so blind? I know MOTH and I have had this conversation before and it sucks that your DH is just so unaware - walking out and leaving you with your little one while your so sick is just ... well, it leaves me shaking my head at how 'unaware' they can be of things around them. On the up side, I'm glad you're starting to feel better.. you poor girl.. what you've been through.
    That jewelry is just gorgeous!!I love the rings (the stone is beautiful) but the necklaces well, wow! What an incredibly thoughtful gift. LOVE it!!

  4. I am with Gen on this one, I would have pitched a big 'ol fit on that one...I hope you felt a little better today, the zpak should kick in and make it better soon. Keep deep breathing and push that crap out of your lungs!

  5. Feel better...I've had the big P a few times and it lays yout out like I would've never believed. As far as your DH...that sucks. In similar situations, I've actually said, listen, if X, then even if you don't get it, you still have to do Y, otherwise, I feel like you don't apreciate me...as a result, my boyfriend now puts away clean laundry and picks up his socks...but it's been a slow, uphill battle...;)


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