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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks everyone!

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who commented and wished me get well wishes and bad husband empathy!  He's still totally unaware, but not to worry girls, I'm a passive aggressive woman scorned professional - so trust me - HE KNOWS and will pay a price.....(evil laugh). LOL.   The ones we love the  most just frustrate us the most sometimes.   Thanks again though for all the comments - I've never felt so supported - you sort of came to my rescue - when I really just some sympathy and I really appreciate it.  Some of you who never commented on my blog before did just to try to make me feel a little better.  And it DID make me feel better!  I simply didn't expect to feel that much better.  It never really occurred to me -  that all of you - whom I've never actually seen or had a physical conversation with - could make me feel so........well...... validated and supported.  This blog is an amazing thing.  It makes me think of how amazing it is that women (and some men) are an amazingly supportive and fiercely loyal to each other - even when they don't really 'know' each other.  They see one person sinking and the group comes together without even blinking an eye to provide support and pull that other person back up again.  I'll bet none of you even thought of that - it was just natural for you.  I sure am glad I'm not a man!  How boring would that be?  You wouldn't be able to shave your armpits, can't have babies, and ewww, we'd have balls! Yuuck!  Hope Gen's Jacks&^t  doesn't see this......I'm sure guys would hate all the yucky stuff women have to deal with too.    I'm jus' sayin!  I'm glad that I'm a woman and that women for the most part have that instinctive ability to pull the fallen up.  Men just would step over them on their way to the electronics store......
Ok, on to other things. 
My weight is back to where I was 209, I'd gained like 4-5lbs of water after I got that steroid, that I lost like overnight.  My energy is back and I'm actually gearing up to exercise.  I need it for the stress relief, the mood bost, and the muscle toning!  I've been in a funk - just generally pissed off - because of all the stuff you already know about my boss, my impending job loss, and being sick just made it harder.  I decided today that I simply couldn't deal with more interruptions at work, so I took my laptop and went to a local coffee house to work.  Its raining like crazy here and I had just a bunch of misses at work that I was making bigger than they needed to be.  I up and decided that I was taking the rest of the day off, packed my computer up, and left to get my kids early from the sitter with a total attitude/funk.  I'm sure I'm pms'ing.  On my way, I decided to stop at Target to get some cookie dough to bake cookies for my kiddos.  On my way to the grocery section I was sucked in to the girl's dept and picked up a few things.  I was still feeling all sorry for myself and generally P'd - when I spotted a mom my age, with a 9-10 yr old boy in a wheelchair who clearly had physical and mental disabilities.  I realized just how STUPID and SELFISH I was being.  I think I have problems?  I'm all pissed off b/c of my job and feeling blue over trivial BS and here's this mom with so much more to deal with and a child with health issues.  What a smack in the face - and I needed it!


  1. lol I loved the whole - glad we are women and not men thing - still laughing at your grossed out.. we'd have balls!!!
    I have to say - I agree with everything you said: it still amazes me how we all pull together and when we need help the most (and/or sympathy) everyone puts their two cents worth in and just picks us up. I'm with you - I love my bloggy friends too!! Glad you're feeling better!!

  2. Isn't it funny when you are in the middle of a huge pity party something/someone (God, the universe..whatever you believe in) reaches down and smacks you in the face with a "it could be worse" moment? It always happens to me too, and I always need it!


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