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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did a day of liquids improve restriction?

In a word:  Yes.  I do believe so, but I also don't know just how long it might last.  So Cara and I decided to a day of liquids yesterday.  We both have lost restiction and we wanted to experiment to see if a day of liquids improved things.  I do feel some improvement in restriction today, yes. 
Breakfast:  Starbux coffee
Snack: none
Lunch:  Salad with grilled chicken on top and could not finish it the salad, but finished the chicken.
Dinner:  4 potstickers and a 1/4 cup green beans.
Getting lunch down was slower than dinner - but that's normal for me.  I do feel like I am fuller on less - so I do feel some restriction - but its not like it was.  That's for sure.
I weighed myself yesterday and then again today - I did lose .5lb overnight.  I realize though, that could be anything - probably water retention. 
Cara?  how did you do?  Thanks so much for doing this with me.  Knowing you were doing it to made me get through yesterday - which wasn't really so bad after all.  I had moments where I wanted to eat something solid - but I knew I'd have to report it back to Cara so I didn't! 


  1. Same this end... I felt it Monday while on liquids but nothing yesterday: business as usual. What a bummer huh.. oh well, at least we tried.
    I have (I think) about 5 1/2 cc's in my 10 cc band. I am going in on Monday the 30th of this month (next Mond.) and I will most def be getting a fill. Had enough of this lol. xx

  2. Sounds like pretty good restriction with that salad...when is your next fill? I am going next Tues. I have 6 ccs in my 10cc band and it is not bad, but could be better.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  3. Found you via Dash's blog! I was going to do the same thing and go back on modifast for a week....but I haven't yet:) Interesting what your findings were!!

  4. Today is different - no more restriction than I had before. Dash - we just need to get fills, that's all.
    Gen - good luck with your next fill. I don't have one scheduled but I think I'm going to have to now after realizing I can't adjust my diet to bring it back!
    Nola - so glad you stopped by!! I think the liquids help reduce overall calorie intake for a day - so in that respect it may be helpful if you can stick to it. Otherwise, it does nothing to improve or bring back any kind of restriction, unfortunately. :(
    Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  5. Hope you have a Great Thanksgiving!!


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