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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Living in the moment

I find myself constantly living in the moments I'm working toward.  I don't live in the current moment. I think about my financial plan as I prepare to be severed from my job, I think about what I'm going to do when I finally lose this weight, I think about the kind of things I'm going to make when I have the time, I think about the trips we're going to take as a family when we get the time to organize them, I think about what I'm going to eat next week and what I need to take out of the freezer or shop for to make a great dinner tomorrow.  I was reading a Martha Bombeck article in the new Oprah magazine today that talked about living by and making decisions by your instincts.  Which I do a lot and its worked out well so far.  It also talks about the importance of appreciating the moment and paying attention so you are calm and can better listen to your inner voice that is your intuition. 
I realized that I'm so busy planning and multi-tasking all the time, I'm not doing a good job of living in the moment.  I never have enough time to sit still, I'm crazy busy all the time trying to keep this whole spinning, juggling, evolving work/family/life balance thing going.  There is rarely time to rest and appreciate.  I think Amy does a good job trying to express this and the importance of it.  From appreciating the body you have now and finding the things you like about it.   I think that's my hangup with Facebook.  I don't want to see my old friends or allow them to see pictures of me until I'm the person I envision myself as - and I've got much of that framed around what I weigh.  Living like you mean it.......right now.....not waiting until this or that happens.  I know the importance of doing that - but actually practicing it is another thing all together.    Sometimes I'm better at it than others.  I just need to re-align my focus - which includes slowing down and appreciating what I've got right now.  It also includes getting the great exercise habits I had going there for a while back on track.  Good thing tomorrow is a new day.....I feel optimistic that I'm going to make that happen and re-balance things again.  They're just out of whack b/c of my workload.  Time to re-prioritize and re-balance.

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  1. Yayy for optimism. Sometimes that's what pushes us forward onto bigger and better things. Tomorrow IS a new day and you will do great!!


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