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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Guess what??? 206.5 today! Woot!

I couldn't believe it when I got on the scale today....OMG.  It may only be temporary, but how cool to see that on the scale!  I went to a concert with my sister tonight (All american rejects) and I knew I'd have to leave from work b/c I wouldn't have time to make it home first.  I went to pack jeans to change into after work and none were clean.  So I 'chanced' trying on my size 16 Levis from 4 years ago that were in the top of my closet shelf waiting to be worn again someday.......and they FIT!!  Even a little loose!  So for the heck of it I tried on my size 14 Levi's - guess what! - yeppers!  I could zip them and button them but they were much to tight to wear in public.  BUT I COULD BUTTON THEM!!!!!!


  1. Fantastic!! I still have some 12's & 14's hanging around too! Maybe fate was telling me to not give up, someday they would fit again! I can't wait.

  2. OMG!!! What an nsv... that is SO AWESOME!! Bet those levi's look sexy too - mine fell apart some years ago and I will never replace them. Such great news!!

  3. flipping awesome (I say with jealousy)!

  4. thanks Girls!!! Its so nice to share with people that I can actually say what I weight and what size I'm wearing. My husband doesn't even know!! thanks for sharing in my celebration Heather! And Debi - don't give up. Just read how long its taken me to get here - you won't give up!
    Cara - you must share exactly how your levi's fell apart....hmmmmm!? Just what were you doing to make them fall apart and with whom? Just kidding!
    I know, right Amy? In my best disco voice: ooo-uh, ooooo-uh! Girl, you got nothing to be jealous of! I've SEEN you in your pics - pretty - you remind me of the blonde chicks in the double mint gum twins commercials - those tan, blonde, blue-eyed, perfect teeth girls!


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