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Friday, November 20, 2009

Losing restriction - how do you keep it longer?

I was able to eat normal at lunch today.  I had Mexican.  Gosh I love Mexican!  I had more than 2 cups of food.  At dinner, I met friends at a bar, had one drink and was able to eat a lot of bbq chicken nachos.  I'm  full - but I'm finding I really can eat much more than just 2 weeks ago.  Why is that?  I've not lost enough to justify that its fat loss around my organs/stomach itself.  I also have felt hunger pangs more often.  Its kind of scary to be able to 'over'eat again - much more than just a cup at a time.  I think I really need to restrict myself to lots of vegetables and protein.  Its so strange and it truly scares me.  I've also been able to eat salads (not complaining) its just the volume that scares me a little. 
Do I go on liquids for a day?  I absolutely do know that the earlier in the day I eat, it almost primes my stomach/band and enables me to eat more at a sitting as the day goes on.  If I wait to eat until 11 or 12, I'm more restricted at lunch and end up eating less.  Then if I skip an afternoon snack, and go longer without eating, the more restricted I am at dinner.  Then as soon as I start to eat, especially since I'm eating slower, I find that I can just keep going without getting terribly uncomfortable.  I never get stuck - I know that's a good thing and I'm thankful - but I don't really even get close to that place. 
I do know now why I dropped those 3lbs right away and got down to 206 - yep you guessed it!  I was PMSing for sure and now that (as Amy put it hilariously) I've paid a visit to the Lady Station - it explains everything.   Another note, I've got the Mirena IUD, and I'm not supposed to get my period but every 4 mos or so.  I now get it monthly - albeit very light and only for a day or so - perhaps its my eating (or lack of) that's triggered that. 


  1. OMG this could have been written by me - we are SO going through the exact things... and like you I have noticed some days I am restricted (a touch, not much) at the end of the day, when I don't eat for hours in the start. What is going on!! Come on down our fills I say!
    PS I think I'm going on liquid protein shakes for a few days too.. I feel safer. Sheesh.

  2. Lets both try that - and see if we lost anything. We also have to stay off the high sodium soups - lets do it on the same day and compare results!

  3. This def sounds like a plan to me... let's do it!! Monday is fine by me.. so what do we do? Take our weight on the Monday morning.. then do the liquids and weigh again Tuesday and report back? Is the one day enough? lol.. let me know what you think.

  4. I want to join in with you guys-- but I am going to wait until I'm banded-- then I will be there!

    This blog was really good info regarding the levels of restriction you might feel during different days and differing hormonal times... hmmm

  5. Well, c'mon Dinnerland - join us! Cara, yes let's weigh ourselves Sunday a.m., Monday a.m., then do liquids all day - I'm going to do protein shake for breakfast, soup for lunch, and soup for dinner. Today I ate really well in the beginning of the day, thought I might have some restriction then ate dinner around 4pm and just didn't stop eating. Ate way too many calories and overate. Maybe I need to also re-strategize my lack of eating in the a.m. and just force myself to have a greek yogurt or a protein shake for breakfast - maybe that will quell my overeating in the evening.....OK Dinnerland and Cara - lets get ready for Monday! And yes, lets only do it one day. Let's decide on Monday or Tue if we want to do another day. So we keep it low pressure! :)

  6. Ok all this sounds good lol Weighed today and took note, then tomorrow (Monday)will weigh in again and do the liquids (I will prob do protein shakes - not much into soup.. although might have a cuppa-soup tomato at lunch, depends on my mood ;) Will report back on Tuesday to let you know how it went. You do the same !!


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