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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why do people tag you in Facebook?

I hate having pictures of me tagged in facebook.  I don't use facebook, I login about once every six months.  I have nothing against it, I just don't have the time to keep up with it.  I do like that I've connected with some old friends from HS and all my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I just don't like pictures of me and while I know they mean well, I just don't like it.  So I go in and untag myself often now.  Don't tag people in pictures unless you know for sure they don't care. 
Not sure if this is the same for all of you, but my gosh, I feel like I'm in HS again when I'm in there.  I get all insecure feeling when I see pics of myself.  Even my mom tagged me in a photo the WEEK I had surgery (actually she didn't know and it was 5 days afterwards) and I was at my heaviest of all times.  Understand my sisters and my mom are all of normal weight, so we when I'm next to them, I can't hide! LOL.  Anyway, what pain in the butt to have to check facebook so I can untag my pictures.
On the flip side, it motivates me to want to lose weight.  It makes me feel competitive in a bad sort of way.  I don't even like to admit that it makes me feel that way b/c I'm not shallow nor insecure.  Its got everything to do with my ex-boyfriends, friends from HS, and not wanting to look like I've totally let myself go, you know?  I want to look like I've got it all together - and not failed at being healthy and fit.  It also makes me glad to have this band and glad that I'm going down this path. 
I always think its interesting too the pictures that people choose to make their facebook profile picture.  Its like an insight into that person's mind's eye.  Its the best version of themselves.  Sometimes its people with their kids, some women I've seen have ridiculous pictures!  Here's mine:

Its me and my boyfriend.....I pretended I was Jennifer Aniston.  You know, the older woman.  Everyone knows how much I joke about me and JM being a future couple.  If you know me, you know how ridiculously appropriate this picture is.  It was an awesome day!  I don't think I look 'bad' - I think I look pretty good.  Heck, I was BEAMING.  And hey, my body is cut out of the shot!  That's some insight into my mind's eye!


  1. I have also wondered why people tag me in pictures, I've been tagged in some pretty unflattering ones.

    Anyway, I realized I've never seen a picture of you. Lady, you're gorgeous! Glad you got a picture of you and your boyfriend where you both look so good and happy!

  2. Far out!! What an amazing pic of you and JM. You look just gorgeous!! How exactly DO people tag you and what is it? I have always been curious.

  3. Great photo! You really do look fantastic! At least you are young & gorgeous instead of like me, old(er) (54) with Rosacea!

  4. FANTASTIC Photo! And thanks for responding - forgot about our VB conversation!!! LOL... I hear you on FB - I'm on there all the time, but I don't tag at all... just catch up on other people's crap!

  5. You are lovely.
    I also hate Facebook most of the time and dropped out of using it much.. .it IS like High school all over again, and I am sort of contemptuous of people who spend tons of time on FB. Don't they have lives???
    Anywho, keep up your great work on your journey. You are gorgeous now, and I hope you will appreciate yourself, with a little junk in the trunk or whatever, along the way. Don't hate on yourself. You are OK as you are, even if you want to lose weight.
    Hope this makes sense.

  6. Here is the deal-e-o on why people tag you when you think they are bad pictures and should know better....

    Because THEY don't think they are bad pictures of you. It is the way they see you. So when we see pictures that we hate and are like "good God that is a horrible picture of me", the person who tagged us probably isnt thinking that. We are our harshest critics ya know?

    Anywhoodle, with that said...your JM pic looks great and almost looks photoshopped. And you look beautiful in it as well. Did you crop it so it wouldnt be a full body shot? hmmm?

  7. LOL. I most definitely cut out the full pic and only included my face and John Mayer's face, oh and of course his hand on my shoulder, ever so slightly playing with my hair. Do you see it? do you? LOL.
    Thanks everyone for the lovely compliments - meeting JM was one of the best days I've had in the last few years. besides having my baby, of course! It was so hot that day, I was sweating and needed my hair done so I'd be blonde again....oh but I digress. What a handsome and gracious man!
    Cara - to be tagged in facebook means that someone uploads a picture and they name all the people in the picture. If you are in facebook, anyone who is 'freinds' with you in facebook sees the picture too. its kind of broadcast to them. And if you hate the picture, its too bad, God and everybody has already seen it! Also when they search your name, all the pictures other people have posted and have 'tagged' your name in, come up. If you're wondering, you can 'untag' yourself. And that's exactly what I do!


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