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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Liquids tomorrow

Ok, so Cara and possibly Dinnerland and I are going to try all liquids tomorrow in hopes of possibly bringing back some restriction.  We are weighing ourselves Monday a.m., we already know our restriction has decreased so we're going to try an experiment to see if this helps:  all liquid Monday.  We don't expect a weight loss overnight or anything - we're just looking for a difference in restrction on Tuesday and hopefully beyond. 
I did pretty good today - I ate earlier than normal in hopes of eliminating the evening eating I've seemed to start doing lately.  It did help me in that area tonight.  I had some vegetable soup I made the night before (a pre-planned idea to help me get more veggies in) for lunch, ate 2 cookies (eek), 3 potstickers for dinner, raisins/walnuts/almonds/choc chip trail mix for snack.  I've not done too badly.  I went to Target today, bought some Xmas presents, and bought myself a Gingerbread Skim Latte at the Starbucks.  I felt all Christmas-y and it just seemed like a cozy thing to do.  But put the breaks on the sleigh - Blech! - it was yucky!  And I love pretty much all things Sbux.  So, back to my regular grande coffee with cinnamon.  Much cheaper, fewer calories, and tastes much better.

How far along is everyone else in the Xmas shopping dept?  Any good deals out there I need to know about?  I got some great deals on toys at Target today.  They also do price matching with Toys R Us, Walmart, etc.  for anyone out there like me with kids!


  1. I'm on it! lol Monday today - have drunk SO much water I'm floating... started with a protein shake, then soup for lunch (though it's scalding hot outside.. made or what? and tonight another drink!!) Let's see how this goes... will check in tomorrow and let you know how it fares. You do the same (as per instructions from bossy here lol xx)

  2. Hey, I'm not there YET! I'll be starting my liquid diet in earnest as of mid December... but I wish you the best of luck (Cara too)-- I hope that you feel more restricted by giving yourself this liquid break!
    For me, I'm just counting down the days until I truly start up this journey... (December 13th will be my liquid diet start!)

    Good luck today-- Vanessa

  3. Ok Vanessa - you're off the hook! LOL. :)
    Ok my dear Cara - I am bossy, aren't I - hee hee! I have to boss myself around to get anything actually accomplished! Its 11:20 and its hard already. I've had coffee, will also eat soup for lunch, protein shake as a snack and I think I'll do soup again for dinner. We're gonna gain weight on the scale b/c of all the sodium!! But - singing in Justin Timberlake's "I'm bringing Sexy back" - we'll be singing "I'm bringing restrictin back"


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