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Monday, November 2, 2009

Losing restriction - ruh roh.

I was 218 on 10/12, I was 209.5 on 10/31.  That's a 9lb loss in 3 weeks - or about 3lbs per week.  I'm very happy with that.  The reason I'm writing this out is because it seems like it took a long time and I thought "well that kind of progress can't continue, my body just hasn't rejected the loss and figured out how its going to plateau yet." (wow, that's pretty negative -what I just wrote.  Am I working with my body as an ally or fighting against my body mentally and seeing my metabolism as an adversary? - thoughts to ponder later).
Only three weeks have gone by since my 2nd fill and it just seems like a long time since I got the fill.  This progress is really amazing!  I know I can't expect numbers like these but I've caught myself again writing out every 10 lb goal on paper and how long I think it will take me to get there.  Just so you know - if I lost steadily at 10lbs for every 4 weeks, I'd make my goal of 140 by my next birthday in June 2010.  In reading Cara's and Catherine's blogs - I can't help but dream about what it must feel like to have lost what they have and translate that to me and what I could look/feel like.
I measured my waist today and I'm surprised to know I'm 45 in at my waist sitting down, 41in at the same place standing up.  That explains a lot about why your pants feel tighter when you sit down.  For the rest of my measurements:  39in below my boobs, 14 3/4 upper arms, 11 1/2 forearms, 24 in thighs, 17in calves, 46.5 hips.  I measured my forearms b/c its a place I'm selfconscious about b/c I feel like I just have big forearms - wheras most women have very slim forearms and wrists, I do not. :) But I will! Someday!
After weighing consistently at 209 for 4 days, I hopped on the scale this a.m. and weighed 214.  What the heck?  I drank lots of milk and water yesterday - I was soooo thirsty.  I know that was part of it.  I also ate halloween chocolate over the weekend and have lost some restriction.  I'm curious what I will be tomorrow morning when I weigh myself.  210 I hope?
Today I had a coffee for bfast, ate grilled chicken and mashed potatos for lunch (2cups), ate grilled chicken, mashed potatos and green beans for dinner (2cups).  I had chocolate covered raisins around 4pm at my desk - a couple handfuls too many.  I ate a halloween-size mini twix bar after dinner.  Now, I'm eating raspberries.  Yep - the restriction is fleeting but I think I can control that by keeping myself from grazing through the day.  Its almost like once I start eating, the band or my stomach gets more and more relaxed and I can eat more.  Anyone else see that happening?  If I can hold off eating, I seem to do better with restriction later.  Its almost like, the more I graze with real food (not liquids), the more the band opens up.  I think I'm going to stick with some protein shakes tomorrow and soup for lunch so I can test my band at dinner and hopefully be more restricted for dinner.  I can't stall now!  I wore size 16 Gap jeans this weekend and need to progress further!  I've got to make it to 200 by Thanksgiving and now that's only 24 days away!


  1. Yeah! Size 16 Gap jeans, that is a big milestone in my book! We are exactly the same weight right now (I got 209.2 on the scale this morning). BUT, I have not lost at all since 10/17. Ready for my second fill tomorrow!

  2. I had a fill just over 2 weeks ago and I feel that I am starting to eat more this week. My doc told me not to graze or snack because the pouch does relax and expand as it empties. Sometimes I can eat more and other times I PB on 2 mouthfuls! I am going to try for the next 3 weeks to eat light and make good choices..once I am back from my holiday I will get a fill again.

  3. Isn't weird how we don't do anything much different (I mean you were doing something good: drinking fluids) and then the stupid scale jumps up? Had that happen to me too this week: argh!!

    My fill has def relaxed: at least sometimes. Just ride the wave darl. It's hard going sometimes but look how far you have come. And thanks for the nice mention.
    Cara xx

  4. Your post shows how important it is to get fills regularly. This band really is a tool that either we can make work or just let sit in our bodies. Two cups of food at each sitting does seem like a lot. I know our docs are all different...mine says good restriction is the ability to only eat 1/2 cup to 1 cup at a sitting. That being said your weight loss is amazing! 9 pounds in three weeks. Woo hoo! When are you up for getting another fill?

  5. Hey Gen - awesome that I finally caught up to you - but you've done it without much assistance from the band. That's so much harder in my book! You need another fill - when do you get to go again? And yes fitting back into my 16 gap jeans was SWEET!

    Roo - good to know that you're seeing the same thing I am 2 weeks out. I'm inexperienced when it comes to the fills and I learn most from all of you. thanks for sharing about what your Dr said about the pouch relaxing - that makes so much sense. And now I'll know exactly why I need to avoid it or control it!

    Cara - I really do love your new avatar pic! thanks for the encouragement! I've only made such small progress compared to you! But I'm going to get there with you someday!!

    Jenny - you are so right on- I did not use this tool effectively in the beginning. And lost nothing as a result. Having the proper fill really does ensure you stay on target and don't slide back into weight gain. Today, restriction was back - no grazing, only set meals. Makes a hugh difference. I don't think I'll get a fill for a while especially since I'm learning if I space out my meals vs. grazing I have proper restriction.


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