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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm not going to run the half marathon in Sept

My sister called me and let me know she can't run the half marathon with me because she has 'water on the knee'.  Basically that means she has fluid around her knee and now her doctor says she has to stay off of it.  She runs everyday and very physcially fit - and we had planned to run it together.  I'm actually relieved because I still can't run past 4 miles in an hour. I've been having a hard time running at all with my knees even with the new running shoes and knee brace.  I'm exhausted after an hour of run/walking and can't imagine over 3 hours of it to complete 13.1 miles.  Last year was torture and I walked all of it.  I'd like to do it next year and run some small races in between.  I can only imagine what running would be like with less weight to carry along!
On the home decorating front, I bought this at Target yesterday.  Not too bad for 29.00.  I'd been eyeing it for sometime and when I went in, it was the last one, so I decided not to continue to pass it by.  It just seems to fit well on that table with my lovely orchid.  The picture I posted yesterday is one of the blooms on the plant.  I'm really amazed at how easy it is to take care of that beautiful plant.  I'm not sure if I'll leave it there or bring it upstairs to my bedroom.  It would be an exotic addition to a bedroom don't you think? wink!  I like the tropical/bali or that british carribean look.  I have the british classics by Ethan Allen as my bedroom furniture so I think this will fit in nicely.  Especially after I pick up the clothes I have separated into light/dark/brights for washing that I've not done yet!  I also just need to get rid of stuff, so I'm going to go through my clothes and just streamline them down.  I have too many clothes that I just don't like but am afraid to get rid of b/c I think someday I'll look good in them.


  1. Hmm, you got that lovely candle holder from Target? I might have to have a scout around. I have a lovely bust of a something similar and she sits on my front table as you come in the front door. I love her (very Bali!!) She's so serene.
    PS I don't blame you not wanting to run that far!! If we were built for all that walking/running we would have had a place for the batteries to be inserted.

  2. the marathon thing probably worked out for the best!! maybe you can do the next one!

  3. Oh Dash - you are so funny! And that's the half marathon - not a full marathon! I'm going to set my sights on some shorter ones - some 5k are right around the corner. I wonder if Target sells the same things in different countries? If you really want it I'll buy it and ship to ya! :)
    and thanks lady Lap band - You're right - it worked out for the best!! thanks!!


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