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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What am I doing wrong?

I worked out with the trainer after work. I'd missed Sat, Sun, & Mon so I'm glad I got my butt to the gym like I'm supposed to. Once I go back, I always seem to be more inclined to keep it going and goodness knows I need to.
I still have not lost any weight. *sigh* Am I totally doing this wrong? I think I may be eating too much.
Bfast: banana (90cal) & Starbucks coffee with splenda and approx 3T Half and half (40cal).
Lunch: Lean Cuisine lemon grass chicken - (240 cal)
Snack: Organic Apricot fruit leather (40 cal)
Dinner: 1.5 cups pasta, chicken, peppers, tomatoes (400cal). V8 splash (70cal)
I plan to eat some fat free Dannon yogurt in a bit and finish the day around 1000 cal. I have been averaging 1200-1400 cals on most days - this is an abnormally low cal day.
Workout: 60 mins with personal trainer various exercises/weights - medium intensity.
Weight: 223.5
I'm going to keep posting and ask you all to tell me what you're eating on a normal day. I'm going to go back as far as I need to on your blogs to learn what you're eating and how much you're exercising. I'm going to learn from you guys!
I don't have a nutritionist nor a doctor - only a fill center - b/c I had surgery in Mexico - in case you're wondering!


  1. I am pretty sure I eat more than that. I eat less white carbs though - did the lean cuisine come with white rice? More than anything, I think you need a fill. I've had four and we were banded around the same time!

  2. OR two weet-bix with skim milk and a tsp of raw sugar... lunch is well, lunch is anything from a sandwich to fruit to whatever I grab... and dinner is just whatever I cook for the family but just my small bowlful. Sometimes I snack, sometimes I don't. It's all such a guessing game isn't it? Good luck getting over that hump :)

  3. So how long have you been on a plateu (however you spell it?) I know you read Catherines blogs, so go back to where she started talking about bootcamp and then about 6 weeks later she had a great post on how the scale had barely moved but she had lost a considerable amount of inches...and then the scale started to move. It sounds like you are doing great at the gym, so my first thought is, is that you are losing inches and fat, possibly replacing them with muscle. Also, when you muscles are sore, the tear a little and hold onto water...so dont give up.

    I dont track my calories online, but that works for some. On a normal day I eat either yogurt or a fiber bar for breakfast (140 calories). I might munch on a little snack of crackers or fruit mid morning (lets say another 100 calories) Lunch I eat meat, or soup, or chili, or refried beans, etc. Probably about 350 calories. I might snack again in the afternoon (100 calories), and then for dinner I eat meat and a side, so maybe 400-600 calories. Which puts me somewhere around 1200 calories I think.

    I dont regulate carbs, sugar, etc. I do try to avoid things really salty bc in my mind they make me retain water. I try to pick things high in fiber and protein.

    I drink lots of water (at least 100 ounces a day).

    Dont give up. If you are making the right choices and working out, the scale will catch up!

  4. What a nice surprise to all the great comments. I'm so frustrated b/c I know I'm doing all the right things. I just can't say enough about how much I appreciate your sharing yoru thoughts and also what you eat on average. I'm really very similar to you, Amy, regarding what I eat. And I do see some change in my clothes, but not enough to change my size. You all are so supportive - thanks for taking the time to care enough to post for me. I really needed it. :)


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