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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Still 223

I got on the scale and I still weigh 223. I didn't exercise yesterday in fear of causing some problem with pulling a stitch or something. I did an hour Mon, Tue, & Wed, skipped Thu and Fri now, so that means I'll run/walk today and tomorrow to reach my weekly goal of working out 5 days. I'm sure the 2 day rest didn't help my metabolism, but I'll get back on the treadmill today. Its supposed to be CRAZY hot today - its been so humid, its hard to do anything outside.
Here's pictures of how my incisions/stitches are healing:
Please excuse the leopard-print bra there!
And this one is on the back of my neck. It bothers me most b/c when I look up, down, left, right - it stings and reminds me its there! I have to have these darn stitches for 14 days!! I don't know whey they didn't just glue it like Dr. Ortiz did. That seemed to work pretty well.
I also went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and bought a new little book to track my eating. I can throw it in my purse and take it anywhere. They've have a ton of absolutely gorgeous ones - I just like the mini's. They come from: paperblanks.com I absolutely love CalorieCount's website - I've used them since the original 2 guys created the site - before they sold it to 'about.com' It got even better when 'about.com' bought it - they added a lot of reporting capabilities that I like a lot. But the mobile capabilities of the site need improvements - its just too cumbersome on my cell phone - so I'll use this mini book until I get back to my office or home to log what I've done.
I've also been thinking that I'm going to try to incent myself to work harder. I had very little restriction yesterday - I can always eat whatever I wanted, but I was hungry a lot of the day and used will power to resist. I think the pain meds were dampening my appetite. I just don't want to get another fill until I've accomplished SOME weight loss. I don't want to go back to where I got my first fill (on April 30th - 1.8cc) with NOTHING to show for it. Now that I'm doing this right (exercising and watching my diet carefully) I want to see if I can lose any. I don't want to be in that horrible place where I can't eat anything.
So, I've thought about it and a fun incentive I think is that I'm going to build myself a Pandora bracelet with my accomplishments. I'm thinking about different colored murano glass beads for 5lbs, 10lbs, 20lb milestones. Do you incent yourself with anything?

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  1. I love that bra..and the books are just gorgeous. You're a girl after my own heart.. these are the exact kinds of things I would buy for myself.
    I'm sure once the stitches are gone, the wounds will be barely noticeable. Don't be too worried :)


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