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Friday, August 7, 2009

Testing how long I can go without eating

I tested yesterday and today how long in the a.m. I could actually go without eating (doesn't include coffee). I've been reading on so may blogs that many Dr's recommend eating as late in the day as possible for that first meal. Today and yesterday, I didn't eat breakfast at all, I only had coffee and I was fine. I'm surprising myself at how I'm really not *hungry* physically, or even if I am a little bit, its nothing that is intolerable. Like so many of us, a lot of this hunger is head hunger/comfort eating.
My stitches on my neck and side feel so much better than they did yesterday. I need to schedule a follow up appt so the Dr can take the stitches out. I'm still concerned about the back of my neck - there is just so much black nylon thread back there I'm hoping it just looks worse than it is. I feel good enough to exercise - the burning sensations from the incisions are gone and I'm completely off the Oxycontin. That's some crazy stuff! I can't believe I had to take 2 at a time on Wed b/c it hurt so much. I feel so much better/clearer -like I've come out of a dense fog- since I stopped taking it!
I weighed myself yesterday, and the stupid scale said 224.5 - what the heck? This a.m. it said 223.5 (obviously water) and just I weighed myself again and I'm at 223.0 in the middle of the day. I just want to know when this exercise and low calorie intake is going to start moving on the scale? I've been working out consistently for 3.5 weeks now. I've been watching what I eat for the same amount of time. I've completely cut out ice cream and chocolate. I'm eating between 1200-1400 cal per day (tracking on calorie count website - I LOVE that website!). I've honestly not budged AT ALL.
I know I need to keep going, and I will, but am I the only person on the planet with the band that its not working for? I get so motivated by the blogs I'm visiting - I just want to see something move on the scale! Rationally, I know I'm working out, I know it could be muscle .....blah blah blah. Are my clothes getting looser? No, not really. Have I taken my measurements? No, I haven't. Do I have a sucky attitude right now? Well now there's finally a YES! Yes, I do!
So, I'm going to take my measurements, I'm going to post them on that side bar - and I'm also going to take some really embarrassing pictures of myself in my underwear. I'll have to make sure I find the outfit that I really want to look good in and use that to track my progress. I'd better do it now, before I chicken out again. I'm so impressed by all you men and women out there who are not afraid and you share your before/after pictures - especially the 'before's' where you really hate your self. I think I've been waiting to post my 'before' pictures until I can actually have an 'after' to compare it to so I can say - "see? I know I looked horrible - that wasn't the real me - and so look at me now! That before was only temporary!" Only problem is, I've not got a an 'after' yet. So I need to drag myself and the camera to the bathroom mirror and own up to my 'before' self. Stay tuned....


  1. It's hard when we want things to happen NOW. If only, huh. You are doing better for yourself, you really are, even if it's not showing outwardly.
    I was reading about the before pics people put up... I haven't done that.. yet. I'm waiting till I lose 20 kilos, then I will do a side by side of how I look now. I must admit, it's a little daunting to think of putting those 1st ones up. I did indeed hate the way I looked.

  2. thanks for understanding - its hard to admit you know? And especially for me since I've made absolutely no progress yet. I look forward to seeing your pictures - get them up there girl and be proud! :) LOL. If only I could take my own advice!


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