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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank you for the ideas and encouragement

Today, I'm 223. STILL!! When is the sun going to shine down on me and get this weight loss moving?! I really appreciate the comments to my last post. You guys have *every* idea of just how frustrated I feel and I want to say thank you so very much for taking the time to post a comment for me. You know how down you can feel and I just can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I realize all of you are right. I need a fill probably, I need to drink water, and I need to measure myself. My clothes do fit differently, but not enough to be a new size.

I didn't work out today b/c I was down about this. Poor reason, I know. Yesterday, I was just so exhausted - did only 45 mins total of elliptical and 3.5MPH walking on incline b/c I was just so tired. My abs are so sore from the workout with my trainer on Tue. I didn't get home from work last night until 9pm - a full 12 hour day. yuck. I'm going on vacation next week and dontcha just hate it when you have to practically kill yourself just to line things up so that everything doesn't implode while you're gone?

I got my hair cut today and highlighted. That always feels good. I just couldn't help looking in the mirror with my hair all wet covered in that black cape thing they put on you. I felt like a big blob. I know I gave my haircut girl a definite leg workout trying to pump the chair up higher b/c of my fat butt! Oh good grief. I'm being so negative. Gotta stop that!

My 15th wedding anniversary is next Wednesday. I can't believe it that I've been married that long. I got married when I was 25. I still feel 25 inside. We don't have any real plans. We're so busy and tired from the kids - Busy Bee's terrible two's have really kept us constantly on the move. Just surviving the day of work, then the work when you get home to get ready for the next day of work is an accomplishment. That perpetual loop! I don't know what to get him - we're not terribly big on that stuff anyway. It just seems like since its our 15th - its significant. Maybe this slump and negativity is because I really thought I'd look so much different by now. You know how you plan out what you'll lose and how you'll look by this date or that? I'm nowhere so its disappointing. Its a good lesson, I guess. That this band is not a miracle cure, and if you don't sincerely work for it, its not going to happen. And only I am responsible for the choices I make to eat/not eat or to work out or not. Gotta keep going. Thank goodness there is such a wonderful group of people out there in blogland. You guys make the difference. Thank you.


  1. I hear you on the weight (NOT!!) loss front. I'm the same - I'm eating less, exercising more and I'm STILL bobbing around the same weight. PFFFT!!!!!! Just have faith that if we keep at it, hopefully it will start to shift again. It has to..it just HAS too (raises eyes to the heavens!)

  2. congrats on the 15 years...Very good accomplishment right there...Pleasure reading your post I understand exactly what you mean...it is taking me forever to get below 200...but soon it will happen...210 just 10 more then 70 to my goal!!


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