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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So I made it back to exercise and gained? What?

I skipped working out this weekend, and did work out with the personal trainer last night and ran/walked 30mins today on the treadmill, then 20 mins on the elliptical. My knee was bothering me so much, I tried the elliptical - and I was able to keep my heart rate up (and sweat) without the impact. I may switch to elliptical for 30-40 mins and try to run/walk for 30. So I'm glad I got that out the way so I can feel like I'm back on the wagon.
I can't wait to get these stupid stitches out of my neck and side. When I sweat, it feel gross, and I can't look down b/c the stitches stop me. Anyway, they're coming out on Monday. yay!
So I didn't post for a few days b/c I got really discouraged. I ate Chinese food Sun night (I really have no restriction anymore) and weighed myself Monday and it said 227! I gained 4lbs overnight? Did the sodium really do that? Next day, 224.5 which is still high for me. This totally sucks! Why have I been limiting my calories and working out for the last 4 weeks again??!!
Today I weighed in at 223 again. Thank goodness. Its SO WEIRD how you KNOW you shouldn't let that stupid scale affect you - intellectually I can do that. But EMOTIONALLY to work so hard and still not see any progress, now that's a different story.
So on Sunday, Mr. Cupcakes and I took the Entrepreneur and BusyBee to the local water park. I hated how I felt I looked, I kept myself mostly under wraps even though its was a THOUSAND FREAKIN degrees! I need be more like Amy (Sunkist&Cheese Amy) and not let that stuff keep me from living life. I'm a lot older than she is, but that chick has it figured out at a young age! Here's a pic of BusyBee enjoying the sunshine!

You know I wonder what my husband thought of me when he saw me in the pools with my daughter. From a distance he could see me practically naked along with a lot of other practically naked women. There were all kinds of other women there, of course, some looked awesome, some more overweight than I. I wonder where I stand in his eyes on that spectrum. I know he will never tell me - but I still wonder what he really sees. I know he doesn't mind my weight, he's told me so, and I know that he is very attracted to me, no problems there. I'm also a pretty secure person - I still wonder......he probably only saw my boobs and nothing else. Aren't all men like that anyway? Women sure aren't - Mr. Cupcakes is 'normal' - and he always looks good to me compared and not compared. We women have such a longer personal list of physical characteristics, don't we? For them its just boobs or butt or both. *sigh* Thank God 'cuz I've got the boobs and the butt - I love my simple man!


  1. I always say men are simple creatures and having had four sons, I now know this is actually true. He probably looks at you and think, "Theres my woman! She has the best boobs and butt there is. Lucky me!!"

  2. YOu know...I am pretty sure he sees you like Tracey sees me...he sees you as hot. Its mind boggling that Tracey can see me like that, but I really know he does. And thats a good feeling.

    And yes sweet goodness batman, after my fat in motion pictures from this weekend, you should have been skipping with your half naked self out there! Next time maybe! :)

  3. Dash! hahaha! I sure hope he does! You're too funny!

  4. Thanks Amy! Next time I WILL have my boob-a-licous self out there - just hopefully less of it! We actually have a pool in our backyard and I only go in if no one else is here except Mr. C and the kiddos. Got-to-get-out-of-my-shell....


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