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Thursday, August 6, 2009

So BusyBee loves to take pictures. Although she is only 2 yrs old, she simply loves taking pictures and I have to be careful to not leave the cameras lying around and she will swipe one, take a million pictures and then bury it in her sandbox. So far, we've not gotten to the sandbox step yet - I've always caught her with it and sneaked it back away from her. I do love looking at them, mostly of her finger covering the lens, but every so often I get to see the world from her eyes, her perspective.
For example, I've never seen the underside of my coffee table before, well thanks to her I know what it looks like. Another case in point, this is how she sees her mommy and her daddy. Wow, I guess if you never let anyone take pictures of you, you have nothing to deny that is proof of how much weight you've gained. While this picture is blurry (thanking the lucky stars all my excess is not in crystal clear focus) it made me realize, wow, I really need to get this hard work done. I'm glad I'm already rolling - but I'm ready to commit myself to this for real this time.


  1. Hi there,
    Read your blog this morning. You are amazing the way you can run.. and your little boy and girl are so cute :) Will pop you on my list so I can check in and see how you are doing.
    Cara :)

  2. Hey Cara! Nice to meet you and thank you for the compliments! Thanks for adding me to your list - and thanks for reading. Its nice to know someone is listening and cares enough to write a comment. :) You made my day!


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