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Sunday, August 16, 2009

My workout music

Someone asked if I would post some of my workout music - I was also reading through Chronicles of Bandland Catherine's blog and see that she posted some of her music recently also. So, I thought I'd post mine to share if anyone needs some new workout music ideas. Now I must PREFACE that my taste in music is....um....uh.....eclectic? What I mean is that I guess I like fast music and its very diverse. Curse words and lewd lyrics don't bother me - so I'm apologizing now for some "mature" language in some of the music. Ok, so enough justification for any offense caused by any lewd, curse-word laden, or angry music. See, now that you're a little scared, you won't be shocked and you'll see my music really isn't THAT bad:
1. Holla Back Girl - Gwen Stefani

2 Lose Control - Missy Elliottt

3. Do Somethin (remix) - Britney Spears (I know! THAT's scary! LOL) 'Toxic' is also good.

4. Cold Hard Bitch - Jet

5. Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyes Peas

6. What's my name again? - Blink 182

7. Girl at the rock show - Blink 182

8. Everytime I look for you - Blink 182

9. Know your enemy - Green Day

10. Sugar - Kid Rock

11. Rock and Roll Jesus - Kid Rock

12. Bawitadaba - Kid Rock

13. C'mon ride it (the train) - Quad city DJs

14. If I want to - Usher (&Justin Timberlake)

14. Vertigo - U2

13. What comes around goes around - Justin Timberlake (cool down song)

14. Magnificent - U2 (cool down song)


  1. I forgot about Bawitadaba Kid Rock - that's such a 'get moving" song. Great playlist!

  2. thanks Tanya! If you haven't heard Kid Rock's newest CD - DO IT. Its fantastic! I just saw him in concert 2 weeks ago and he played a lot of his new songs and it made me go out and buy his new CD. Some are slower/more country - but there are a lot that are great - and awesome to work out to!


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