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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lost some weight!

After vacation last week, I'd gained but began losing it toward the end of the week.  I found out why - that time of the month - but for me, its not that simple.  I don't get my period each month b/c I use the Mirena IUD (which I love and advocate to eveyone I know!).  I get my period about once every 3-4 months (love love love that!).  I was up 2.5 lbs last week and thought it was b/c of all the eating and no exercising while on vaca.  I just hopped off the scale and at 6pm I'm down 3lbs at 222 even!  I always weigh myself first thing in the a.m., so tomorrow a.m. I'll probably be the lowest I've been so far - which is under 222!  I sure hope so and I'll certainly post if so!  I worked out Mon and today for 45 mins (Cardio) and personal trainer for an hour yesterday.  I've kept my eating under great control - I never thought I'd be so happy that I got my period.  LOL.  It must be because of TOM that I dropped some weight like I've read on most of your blogs - which is to be the time your body actually lets some of this weight GO!  I wonder if this  means I'll plateau longer b/c I have a longer time span between periods.  Hmm.  It will be interesting to see. 
Oddly enough, while I planned to schedule a small fill this week b/c I had no restriction, I've actually had some restriction.  I think this is for 2 reasons:  I've been PMSing which means generally I've been pissed off - which leads to higher stress and more restriction.  And the other reason is I've had some emotional stress because a co-worker was accidentally killed last week and I attend his funeral yesterday.  I've not attended a funeral since my own Dad passed away and while I was there to pay my respect to my friend Jerry, I couldn't help remember my own Father's funeral.  Gulp.  I miss my Dad so much!  But it was fine and clearly a celebration of his life cut too short.  It also made me realize that I do not take enough pictures of myself.  I obviously avoid it b/c I don't like how I look.  But as they played pictures on a slide show at the funeral - seeing him with a big grin on his face b/c of the big fish he caught, scuba diving pictures, hunting pictures, all kinds of family celebrations - just pictures of great times!  He had the biggest cheesy smile in all of them!  I couldn't help reflecting on what pictures would define my life?  I just don't have any!  There would be a lot of pictures from times where my inhibitions fell to the wayside due to drinking too much or accidental pictures that are less than flattering!  Just imagine what my slide show would look like! LOL!  Unflattering accidental photos and drunken photos! Wooot!  That simply wouldn't be pretty would it?
So, I'm taking from Jerry something very valuable.  He had a neverending smile and joy for life.  He PARTICIPATED in life, you know?     I'm going to do that AND I'm going to take pictures (or have them taken) of ME while I'm doing it regardless of what I think I look like.  Please make sure you do the same!                            


  1. This post really made me think! I'm always BEHIND the camera so my BEHIND isn't in the photo! I've had a hard time the last 3 months having my picture taken so much and posting them to my blog ~ why cuz I don't like myself in pics! But I really want to be able to see the difference between pre surgery and post surgery pics so I ask for my picture to be taken. I have enjoyed my life and I'd like my "dirt nap" photo slideshow to reflect enjoyment!! Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  2. I just read through your whole blog and I'm struck by your determination. I admire that you are sticking with positive choices even if the scale doesn't give you the number you want to see. I'm sure the scale will eventually start moving more, it has to! Anyway, I'll be getting banded in a few months, after I finish going through all the insurance loops. I look forward to following your blog and sharing along the way.

  3. Hey Meandmygizmo - i'm so glad you're going to get in front of the camera too! Its crazy to think about it, but we have nothing for our kids and friends and family to look back on and remember how happy we were, you know? What are my children going to have to look back on? nothing. So let's fix it!! lets start taking pictures. And you will be so glad you took 'before' pics. I think somehow that defines the beginning of something great! A journey to get to that 'after' pic! :)

  4. Hey Robyn! I really appreciate the comment about my determination. I'm thinking the same thing - if I'm doing everything right, it really DOES have to happen eventually. I really wasn't doing the exercise nor the eating part well, if I was honest with myself in the beginning. Its really the blogs that I'm reading of others that is really inspiring me. And no one has ever said I inspired them! Thank you for that. It means a lot! i can't wait to hear how your journey goes! let me know when you hear from the insurance company. You are so smart to get out here and read the blogs now. To learn now from other's and their real experiences is so very smart of you! I was a little behing in that area. And let me tell you, Its everyone else's blogs that keep me going!


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