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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Down for the first time - 222.5

I got down to 221.5 two days ago - but today I'm 222.5! YAY - after that harrowing day Monday where the scale actually showed 227! Shew that was scary! Crazy Chinese food made that happen!

I went out with friends Thursday night instead of meeting my trainer, but I made up for it yesterday and did 40 mins on the elliptical, 5 mins walking. I switched out to the elliptical on Monday because my knee was bothering me so much when I attempted to run. Since the elliptical is less impact - I worried I wouldn't get my heart rate up. But it did.

I need some new work out music. Right now I'm listening to some good fast songs from Kid Rock's newest CD. I've also downloaded some good remixes on Limewire. I like fast music when I'm working out and I'm just tired of the same old stuff....

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  1. Can you post some songs you listen to: I'm sick of the same old same old too. I would be interested in what you listen to. Congrats on that weight loss :) well done.


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