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Friday, August 28, 2009

Gained 2.5 this week on vacation

Which isn't bad considering how much I can eat and that we've eaten out almost all week. I fully realize now that I don't have any restriction really - I can eat the cup amount and can feel it go past the band and into my stomach. I'm going to make an appointment next week for a small fill.
This week also we've made it a point to try to use up all our gift cards to different places. We have gotten so many over time and just haven't used them - like many other people. I keep mine organized in a business card folio so I can flip through them easily. I also keep little slips of paper on the back of the card noted with the balance on the card. We've eaten out for 'free' just about every night this week!
Tonight is "Japanese" night. My son loves sushi (and so do I!) so we're breaking out my Japanese tea set, and having sushi, egg rolls, and won ton soup. I let my son come up with the menu. We also made really cute fake sushi using rice krispi treats (as the rice), gummy worms (the tuna), and fruit roll ups (as the seaweed). We plan to 'fake out' Dad since Dad hates sushi. Here is how we plated it before we served it to him:


  1. lol Had me fooled at first. I was looking at the Norri rolls thinking.. what is different about that seaweed around the edge?... kept reading and the mystery was solved. What a fantastic idea! Love it.
    Oh congrats on all the free meals too. You are so organised.


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