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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its a great year!

I hopped on the treadmill yesterday and walked for 40 mins.  It was FREEING to feel happy about getting it done (off my list for the day) and it just felt good to get my body moving.  I'm a little surprised at how out of shape I am - but the good thing is that I know that comes back pretty quickly.  I'm looking forward to feeling stronger and stronger.

I've done a good job tracking my calories (including the pink champagne, 1/2 pomegranate martinis and 1 vodka cranberry drink from last night!) I was actually the first of our group of friends to leave the party.  I had my 2 kids to get home!  But lets just say I'm not usually the first to leave a really fun party!  I had planned to be the DD so my husband could drink - and let me tell ya - its not as much fun! Ha Ha!  

We planned a trip to Mexico as a group last night.  We've gone before as a group and absolutely had a blast.  The only problem is that they all want to go in March - like in 3 months - and well, I guess I'd prefer to have more time to try to lose some weight.  After I lose my job in May, we're just not going to spend money on going to Mexico again anytime soon, so I would rather we go after I've accomplished the bulk of my weight loss.   I have this grand vision of renewing my wedding vows on the beach in Mexico among my good friends.  But I want to look and feel beautiful too.  I didn't feel entirely beautiful when I got married waaaaay back in 1994.  I weighed about 170lb and looked fine - I just didn't feel like a beautiful bride - you know?  I want to feel beautiful and celebrate that I've been married for 16 yrs.  

Of course one thing I didn't consider is that one of us - is going to through a divorce right now.  Not her choice, but he made the choice for the both of them, unfortunately.  Her divorce is final in March - perhaps it wouldn't be a great idea to renew my vows at that time.  This may be a liberation and renewal trip for her and not me this time.

Have any of you ever renewed your vows or wanted to?


  1. I want to renew our vows but I want to take a trip to vegas and get it done by elvis...its an item on my bucket list.

  2. Happy New Year!

    Great job on the treadmill! Mine is in one of the bedrooms along with the bowflex and total gym but it is like 30 degrees in there (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it)I'd rather go play in the snow with the pup...or not!

    The trip sounds fun & warm! I haven't thought about renewing vows before. Our 20 year is next year (2012) but I think once is enough for me :) but that's just me!

    Glad you are back to blogging

  3. Nice work! So glad you are back!

    We are going on Spring Break early in March as well - I'm just so happy to be confident enough to wear a bathing suit at all!

  4. We a planning to renew our vows in 2015. It will be our 15 th anniversary. We live in Florida and want to have the ceremony on the beach.

  5. MOTH and I talk about renewing our vows. First it was at 20 years.. that didnt happen (sigh) so maybe at 25. And yeah, tough timing with a friend with a divorce. Bit sucky - for you both.
    Have fun in Mexico. I would LOVE to go there one day.

  6. Glad to see you back and posting. Appreciate yourself NOW and as you change, you are totally worth it!!


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