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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just like all of you - my heart goes out to Barbara

 I can never begin to imagine what she is going through.  My heart goes out to Barbara and her family.  So many of you who know her well and even met her in Chicago - have said so many eloquent things on your blogs.  I wanted to take a moment and post something because I love to see on the side of so many blogs  - where we all have the list and snippits of the blogs we follow- a long list of blogs who are mentioning her and thinking of her.  That's really a sweet tribute in itself.

Her husband's battle resonates with me personally b/c it reminds me of my father's battle with cancer.  The ups and downs, the roller coaster of  being hopeful one moment and being crushed the next, trying to trust the doctors only to realize they're only guessing most of the time.  Watching someone you love get weak and wanting to help them but not being able to and watching strong and proud man go through so much is heartbreaking.  My father died of skin cancer  - not melanoma - he had what most people think is an innocent cancer - simple squamous cell carcinoma that many people get burned off their noses, or lips, or forearms when its over exposed to the sun.  The doctors could never explain it, they didn't know exactly what was going on and why.  He passed away very young, at 55.  Losing my father was more than devastating.  I can't imagine losing my husband.

What I do know is the kindness of others and the thoughtful gestures made all the difference.  I wish I could have expressed to others just how much it meant to me so they would understand my gratitude- I was just so overwhelmed and exhausted from grief that I know I never expressed it properly.  That's why I want you all to know that all that you are doing really is comforting her in a small yet very significant way.  This blogging community is really an amazing group of wonderful people.  And like all of you - all my thoughts and prayers go out to her.


  1. It's just so sad. Death is never easy, no matter who it is. A spouse or child would be unbearable.

  2. thanks sweetie.. means so very very much!!


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