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Friday, January 21, 2011

Scale not moving but I'm figuring things out

First, I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I sometimes get consumer test products to test /provide feedback to companies --  and guess what arrived today for our family to test?  
Goldfish soft brownie cookies.  Why did it have to be chocolate?!

I also had another pkg waiting for me - I purchased a goal bathing suit from Lands End!  Its a great terracotta color for me (when I'm tan - not now when I'm basically transparent, I'm so white!)  When I get a little bit of color it will look nice.  I want to wear it on our tropical trip in June.   **I can't seem to get the picture to work so I'll have to take a pic and post it later.

So, onto how things are going with the band...

I really am figuring this thing out!  I keep going back to something Gen commented on my recent posts and I also know she's talked about on her blog before.

Its this:  Don't test the band to see how much can eat, test it to see how little you can eat and still not be hungry.

I've been taking this approach and its definitely helping me.  Its a paradigm shift - for sure.  But all this time I've subconsciously and consciously thinking about this band and how its supposed to limit me from eating, looking for fills to limit how much I'm eating, testing the band to see how much I can get away with comfortably.  Instead this week, I'm seeing how little I can get away with and still be balanced and healthy and not feel hungry.  Some nights are better than others - but I feel more calm about it all.  I'm not feeling that desperate feeling of limitation.  

I did weigh myself today - I'm 207.5.  I wanted to see a loss but I've had a head cold and haven't been consistent with exercising and I did go out last night for drinks after work with the girls.  So I'm ok with it.  And I feel good about continuing forward with my new mental approach to the band.  


  1. YES YES YES!!! gen is so smart!! That's so crazy! That's what I did today! See how little I could eat without being hungry. I was a little disappointed. I thought I could eat less. I'm trying hard to kick start things...so as you do this, I'm going to be trying to do it with you. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Gilly! And actually its your comment that got me going down this path of looking at the band differently. You helped me to see - so thank you. I'm so glad I can go down this path with someone else! PS. I got on the scale this a.m. - I weighted 205.5! I knew the weight yesterday likely had to do with the alcohol I drank the night prior. I know alcohol is a dehydrator, but my body seems to hang on to water the day after for me-- probably b/c I make sure I always end the night out with at least 2 glasses of water as well as tons of water on the drive home to both ensure I'm sober and also to avoid any headache the next day ! :)

  3. I'm noe to your blog, so I don't know how long you've had your band -- but hopefully in time you'll be able to eyeball it and figure it out. Heck, I actually get times when I OVERguess. Last night was a good example -- I had a large chicken breast and cut off 3 ounces for dinner, along with some brussels sprouts (3 1/2 of those) and some green beans. I could only eat 2 ounces of the chicken and two brussels sprouts (and all of the beans). I'd rather it be that way than having eaten all that and still feeling (or thinking) I'm still hungry. :)

  4. I also just read your "Well, this isn't it" post and wondered if you've ever tried the 5-day pouch test? If you have, I apologize. I'm just beginning to read. But often, it helps shrink our pouch a little, especially if we feel we've been able to eat more than we should. If not, or if you haven't heard about it, you can google it or I can link it for you.


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