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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I need advice/help about this fill

As you all predicted, the fill has kicked in and last night at dinner I could consume only 1 cup of soup.  I stopped eating by 7pm so that I wouldn't experience the same issue with reflux that I did the night before.  I even hopped on the treadmill for 30 mins which seemed to help my stomach from feeling too overfull.  I consumed only 730 calories yesterday and could not eat more b/c I was so tight a dinnertime. (I don't want my caloric intake to be that low everyday so my weight loss doesn't stall.)

Last night, I went to bed early b/c I was tired from waking up from reflux twice the night before.  By 11pm, I was already waking from my sleep, choking yet again on stomach acid.  Oh gross!  This time, I was awake every hour and sometimes twice per hour.  Propping myself up,  taking pepto chewables, even drinking water didn't help.  I was so tight the water just sat like a rock and took hours to gurgle down.

This morning, I drank some milk, and it took a bit to get down also.  I'm typically very tight in the a.m. so this doesn't surprise me,  but I had to drink something b/c I had a killer headache.  I took some ibuprofen which has now finally kicked in but good grief - this is DEFINITELY the restriction I was hoping for - sans the reflux!!!

Do I go back now and get some removed?  Do I leave it as is and see if I have another night of reflux?  In my past 2 fill experiences, the band always loosened within about a week or two.  I don't want another sleepless night - and I don't want to lose restriction.  I can tell my stomach is quite irritated right now - I'm sure due to the acid issues.  I'm just so torn as to what to do.  I'm leaning towards getting like .2 cc taken out.  Keep in mind, I've got a 4cc Inamed band - I went from only 2.2ccs to 2.7ccs.  That's only a fill of .5ccs!  I know its only relative to the size of the band - I guess I should say I went from a 55% full band to a 67.5% full band. *sigh*  I don't want to get a small amount out, then the band relaxes, and I've lost the restriction again.  I also know my band seems to be just fine during the day!  Tight in the a.m. (as always) but I've never really experienced tightness at night.  I know this is what is causing the reflux.  UGH!

I'm going to drink broth and such today - take it very easy on my band and call and find out how much it costs to have another adjustment.  Can you believe I went from feeling almost no difference to slam shut at night?    I just don't know if this band is going to relax tonight.  I really don't want to have any taken out b/c I felt like I went into the fill fairly conservatively to avoid this specific scenario that I'm in!

What do you all recommend?

Oh, and P.S., I got on the scale today, my goal for FRI is 206 and I'm at 207.5 today so I think I could possibly make goal!


  1. i am so not an expert....have only had 2 fills....and can eat/drink after both...minimal restriction. but reflux cannot be good!!! it sounds like you might need to get some relief, girl!

  2. Well, here is my thought. You are too tight. Just a wee bit. I think you should call your doctor and go get a little unfill. I know. I know. You want the restriction but not the reflux. I hear you girl. But the reflux is bad news. I woke up with a sore throat in the morning just from those 2 nights last week that I was too tight. And if it can make my throat sore, think of what it was doing to my band!

  3. I am with Amy! My doc does not charge for a fill/unfill if I come back within one week....maybe yours is the same? Call either way and talk to them. Reflux is NOT GOOD!

    That being said, I have been super tight for 2 days now....I have 2.7 in my band and I got my fill in the beginning of NOV and now its acting up. I know i aggravated it last night big time and I also had reflux during the night. I am on total liquids today and I will see where I am tomorrow. The problem for me is that my doc is 120 miles away and the next time I can go in is on Monday.

    Keep posting to let us know how you are doing.

  4. Overfill Queen here. I think you need a tiny unfill. What Amy said. The reflux is all wrong. If you get a teeny bit out, you should still be good. I am so happy I got my unfill! No charge from my doc either. Make sure you take Prilosec or one of those pills for reflux - the kind that work right away. It will help a LOT with the irritation.

    As far as the calories, do not worry about being too low. I have done some investigative work and figured out that many really successful bandsters eat 800-1100 calories EVERY DAY - and they lose all their weight. Think about gastric bypass people. They probably get less than 1000 cals every single day too. This is why I am trying to go from about 1500-1600 to 1200 or less.

    I really hope you feel better! I know how bad it is! Make the appointment, you can always cancel if it changes.

  5. Thank you guys so much for your comments and feedback. I read them from work and called Fill Centers USA. They not charge as long as you call within 72 hours (3 days). Since I had the fill Monday, I'm covered at no charge. So they are calling the doctor who does the fills for me and they have not been able to reach her yet. She only does fills 2x per month. I couldn't get a protein shake nor a peppermint mocha down this a.m. and had a sliming episode. That passed and I felt better. I ate some broth and tomato soup for lunch and am not eating anything for dinner b/c I can tell this band is closed up tight - beginning at about 4pm it felt really tight. I took a zantac as Gen suggested and I'm wondering how tonight is going to go. I came in the door, changed my clothes and laid down for a sec and actually fell asleep for about 20 mins until my kids ran upstairs and woke me up. So, I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have a small unfill. I really can't believe how I went from perfectly fine the first day - thinking it wasn't enough to this!

    Thank you again blither, Amy, Gen and Jacquie - I truly appreciate you coming to my rescue and giving me such good advice when I needed it most!


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