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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not sure about this fill

Thank you Jacquie and Jen (from Oregon) for the quick comments yesterday as I was posting from my cell phone - I appreciate it more than you know.  I got .5 ccs added to the 2.2ccs in my 4cc band.  That puts me at 2.7 cc.  The fill itself was great - my doctor is just awesome - but I was thinking yesterday I could just eat too much afterwards.  I ate 1 whole cup of tuna casserole last night - I thought I'd only be able to eat a half cup, but I was still hungry so I was able to eat another half cup.  I ate later than normal and did have some reflux issues last night - just waking up from my sleep.

I'm concerned b/c I actually felt hungry yesterday and I thought the hunger feeling would go away.  I'm up this morning and feel hungry for breakfast but haven't had anything yet.  We will see how today goes and I'm waiting to see if the fill will 'kick in' like it does for many of you!

I've got soups made and packed for this whole week - I plan to stay on mushy foods for as long as I can this whole week.  I'm also shooting for 206 this Friday - I weighed myself this morning and I'm still 208 - so its still possible but perhaps not likely.  We'll see!


  1. Definitely give it some time. When I have a good fill (in the past) it would kick in around 4-5 days after the fill. Good idea to stay on mushies. Give it a little time, and you can always get more, right? One other thing to remember - the band does not really work well with mushies, so you can't test it for sure until you are eating solid protein. If you are eating solid protein and staying full, then you are golden!

  2. Definitely give it some time. I have a delayed reaction fairly often. IN addition you are eating soft and mushy foods. They slip through much more quickly than real food will as you transition into it.

    Also be aware that the amount of space you have in your pouch varies from person to person. I have about 1/2 cup of room but i know others who can eat 1 cup of food. I am not sure if this is all because their food slips through faster or just more about band placement but either way don't worry about how much you can eat just monitor how hungry you get how fast and the weight loss over time too.

    good luck with the fill!


  3. Give it a few days and see. We are all built so different and our bands react so different but I'm telling ya, that extra .1 cc to 2.8 was a killer for me! I can't wait to see which way you go with this fill!

  4. I hope it "kicks in" a little for you. Tina is right too - everyone eats a different amount. I've never been a 1/2 a cup person, I always eat at a cup(or more), but it works for me. Also, mushies can't give you a good gauge for fullness. I know when eat tuna and noodles I'm hungry pretty quickly b/c the pasta goes through quickly. You may find when you eat some tuna or chicken on it's own you are full.


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